Does anyone have any romantic memories about your spouse when you were dating?

My husband then boyfriend was so romantic. I will never forget when he bought me a blue rose for the first time he said it reminded him of my eyes. I use to get roses all the time when I had bad days or just because. heck even even brought me breakfast in bed. We use to hold hands when we went places and now his romantic side is slipping away. Do any of you ever wish you could have those moments back? Why does it have to end when you get married I am young and he makes us feel like we are an old couple. I wish we could have those moments back.


Oh my gosh moonshot your wife is a lucky lady that would melt any ladies heart you are so romantic got any tips for my husband?

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    after having our children my wife and I looked at each other and said we loved each other. Before my heart surgery my wife told me she loved me. Before we go to bed we tell each other that we love each other. we play with our grandchildren and smile at each other with love. I have been ith her for 36 years married for 33...when does it stop.

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    You are talking about a person. People change no matter what you do. I wish that my husband and I did some of the things now that we did pre children, but now we are looking at life a bit differently. We are no longer the one person in each others life. We are sharing that with our three babies. It would be nice to have that back for one day. Also, remember that it takes more then one person to work a relationship. Chances are you have changed too. You both have gotten comfortable and into a groove. If you want the romance back try initiating it. Men can be funny, I bet he feels very much the same way as you do. Good luck.

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    Ah, romance. My husband and I dated in high school, and lost touch for thirteen years before reuniting. I guess that in and of itself is romantic, but he always had a surprise for me in sorts. One day, he sent me four dozen roses and a teddy bear on a Sunday just to prove that you could get flower deliveries on Sundays. He proposed to me at the park where we shared our first kiss when I was merely 16.

    Over the years, romance has turned into real life, and it's sometimes hard to keep the spark alive. What is it about the butterflies and the anticipation that feels so romantic in the beginning that fades when we get married, have babies and deal with the rush of our hurried lives?

    The fact of the matter is this: we fall in love in that whimsical moment of la la land, but we choose to be in love with a partner who is everything we think we need or want, or one who compliments our weaknesses. We choose to stay in love with a partner who we share our life with, and one who validates our place in the world.

    Love isn't about the butterflies and the anticipation, or even the romance. Love is about the bad days, sharing a cup of coffee, changing diapers, and fighting about something important. Love is about hearing your husband snore, taking out the trash and sometimes not knowing what to say.

    Romance is temporary, love is forever.

  • My girlfriend and I went to New York. She's always loved NY and wanted to go there. We went for a few days and took in the sights. One night we went out to a nice restaurant for dinner and took a horse drawn carriage through Central Park. As we were in the carriage, I asked her why she liked NY so much. After she told me, she asked if I liked it too. I told her I did, but that I wished we could see more stars. She looked up and said, "Yeah, you really can't see many". I told her, "Let's add a few more," and pulled out an engagement ring. Even the guy driving the carriage liked that one! She's a great wife.

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  • Maggie
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    That's just the way it goes when you are married for a while. It doesn't take long either. People just get so used to each other when they are married and kinda take things for granted after a while. It doesn't mean that he doesn't love you! Good Luck!

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    Yes.....our first Christmas when we started dating.

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    Yes I do.

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    Just have an affair. Then you can have it all back.

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