When did your babies start saying first words?


She is just five months and I am starting to hear ba ba and definitely mama. Ba ba definitely seems to be directed to bottles. I still can't tell if she is saying mama and meaning me or if she just enjoys saying it. It seems to come out most when she is upset.

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    my daughter didn't start talking till about a year and a half, all babies are different and it depends on their development and when there parents starting talking, girls tend to follow their moms and boys their dad, if you have real concerns talk to your doctor

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    My oldest at about 6 months

    2nd oldest at 5 months

    3rd oldest at 7 months

    4th at 3 months

    5th at 10 months

    6th at 24 months

    7th at 6.2 months

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    Both of my children were very early talkers they said there first word by the time they were 7 months old. My son is now 8 and is very advanced and my two year old you can sit and have a full conversation with her and you would think you were talking to a 7-8 year old. She makes complete sentances. If you want your child to have better speech and talk faster DON'T BABY TALK. THEY ARE NOT YOUR PET CAT THEY ARE HUMANS. Sorry for the large text people who baby talk to there infants make me sick.

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    each and every new child is diverse. my own daughter began asserting "hi" and one in each and every of those her nickname, Bugaboo, at 10 months... her cousin, who's precisely one 3 hundred and sixty 5 days older than her, did no longer extremely commence speaking till around an analogous time she did... which positioned him at approximately 20 months. Einstein did no longer communicate till he replaced into 3.... pass determine. besides, actual now he's no longer even a three hundred and sixty 5 days old, so enable him in simple terms savor being a toddler... in line with possibility he's greater centred on experiencing the worldwide around him actual now, and feels mushy together with his point of communique actual now. If he's getting what he desires, then why hardship with speaking, actual? ;) once you're taking him in for his a million 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old vaccinations, schedule an appointment together with his scientific expert and consult from him/her approximately it. you could artwork collectively to maintain song of your son as time is going directly to work out if there is something developmentally which you will fret approximately. no longer less than, possibly a pass to love which will in simple terms supply you peace of concepts. good success.

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    before 1

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    my oldest girl was bout 5 months.. n said daadaaa for hrs on end. then everything else followed & she still dont shut up... my son was almost 1 but he walked at 7 1/2 months. my youngest daughter started talking bout 5 1/2 months also...

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    My oldest said mama and dada by 6-7mo, and started learning new words quickly after that.

    My youngest says dada and that's it. He's 9.5 mo (although he's walking already and my oldest didn't do that until 12mo)

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    11 months

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    I think they were around 4-6 months. There is an amazing web cite that helps you teach your child sign language which can improve their vocabulary and help them communicate much earlier. I think its fascinating. Wish I had done it with my babies.

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    Mine just said his first one yesterday at 9 months!

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