Online psychic?

Are there any free online psychic's (that really work) on the internet. I am 15 and I just want to ask some questions that I would like to be resolved.

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    dear friend:

    the bible saids that its a terrible sin to consult the psychic's,because when they ask to the spirits they`re calling to satan,and he gives the answers ,and will lie to you to become a slave of him .

    he will mix some truth with lies ,and you will be seduced.

    the bible saids that the peoeple who do such thing are walking to the inferno,abd there will be satan laughin of you because you believe him,

    if you got doubts isnt better to ask to the holy LORD?

    open his eyes oh lord!!!

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    I even have used Psychic Matt Fraser after seeing him listed on ultimate American Psychics. I knew that he had to be the authentic difficulty as a results of fact he became examined and became listed as one in each and every of teh ultimate interior the country. to not point out he has appeared on television. My examining with him became over the telephone and he became on factor with each and every thing that he mentioned

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    I'm a free online psychic, ask away.

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    Absolutely, there are! try googling sylvia brown or "free online psychics" or you could just email me. my email is currently available to askers, and i am a psychic. if you DO choose to present me with your questions or concerns i will respond to you in a comforting, non judgemental, professional, and timely fashion. please, try me. if i cant help you then i encourage you to seek out Sylvia Brown. she is amazing, and a WORLD-RENOWNED psychic.

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  • 1 decade ago

    never ask the online pychics. they aren't right and even if they were they're certainly not free. im 15 too and i usually just do my own readings.

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    7 years ago is the best. no doubt!

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