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My betta is bloated, its like a bubble in the front of his body but he's not lethargic, whats wrong?


I feed him "betta bites" and he doesn't have problem swimming around the tank, but he doesn't jump at my finger anymore. I have him in a basic plastic tank, nothing fancy no air filters or anything like that. I read something about Dropsy, but I havent noticed any protruding scales. I love my fishy and don't want anything to happen...should I be worried?

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    What does he eat on a daily basis? Overfeeding of baby brine shrimp (and even dry foods such as flakes and pellets; to a lesser extent) can cause swim bladder disorder. You mentioned he isn't sluggish but when he is active does it seem like he has trouble reaching the bottom of his tank or is he kind of tilting to one side? If so, it is most likely SBD.

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    It is most likely one of three things:

    1) You feed your betta too much. He's getting fat. Bettas can and will eat themselves to death. Remember - his stomach is only as big as his eyeball! Don't feed him any more than 5-6 betta bites a day.

    2) Your betta is constipated. A diet of entirely betta bites can do this. Do you see any fish poop on the bottom of the tank? If not, fast him for 2-3 days, then feed him a tiny bit of a pea. Also, try adding a bit of variety to his diet - such as flakes (made specifically for bettas) or freeze-dried bloodworms or brine shrimp. This will help keep him from getting constipated again.

    3) Your betta has swim bladder disorder. Does he tend to either float at the surface and have a hard time swimming down, or lay around on the bottom and have a hard time swimming up? Check this site http://www.bettatalk.com/betta_diseases.htm for ways on how to medicate for swim bladder disorder.

    Good luck!

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    He has an air bubble in his labrynth gland from the sounds of it. Because Betta's are airbreathers they have a special pocket that keeps air in their body. However, if something becomes inpacted or absessed that can happen and turn into swin bladder disorder. Try a broad spectrum antibiotic and make sure your parameters are good. Also, make sure you have 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons of water and raise your temp to about 80 degrees.

    Also - make sure that your air is not creating large bubbles on the surface.

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    I wish I could help you, My Betta is also bloated, he has been for weeks. I got some medicine for him for dropsy because I read that is what it could be, it did not help.

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    Are you over feeding it? oh wait...is it like a tiny teeny little white spot?

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    possible overfeeding? or change in food?

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