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Why should you not get a English Bulldog puppy until 10 weeks as oppoosed to the "norm" 8 weeks?

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    There isn't really a norm. A lot of breeders like to keep their puppies for an extra couple of weeks because that time with their litter mates is really important to a pup's future socialization skills with other dogs. A lot of breeders of giant breeds won't let their puppies go until 3 months at the earliest. At this age, 2 weeks can make a big difference in their ease of training.

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    It is because Bulldog puppies mature slower than a "normal" puppy, and they should not be weaned as early as a "normal" litter (they should not be weaned until 5-7 weeks). I will not let my French Bulldog puppies go to their new home before 10 weeks.

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    We got our English Bulldog when he was 8 weeks old. He seems to be as mature as our friends' Bullys who were gotten @ 10 weeks old. He is very smart. He gets along with others well. He loves kids and people. I'm not saying getting them at 10 weeks is wrong. I would say it depends on the puppy. Ours was eating well ect when we got him. He did not whine or anything the night we got him. He does not sleep by hisself and never has though. I would also recommend these dogs to anyone. They are very loyal and loving dogs. However, do your research on them before you get one. You cant just throw them outside like most dogs. They are INSIDE dogs.

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    its fine for a pup to go home anywhere from 8-12 weeks. most experienced breeders i know aim for 10 weeks because that period is very important to the puppy's developement. they learn manners and social skills from their mother and siblings, yet they are still young enough to form very close attachments to humans.

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    you should let the puppy stay with it's litter for more weeks as it is important for the puppy to stay and socialize together.

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    now that you mention it, i got my bulldg when it was ten weeks old, hmm.. it must be because of it's extra care for its health problems.

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