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regarding korean's social security number (주민등록번호)?

may i noe y is it necessary to input this field in most of the korean sites, be it shopping or webmail sites? thx in advance.


sorry 4 missing out some details. i noe it's for identification purposes, but y ONLY for south korea?

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    You will have trouble at many sites if you are a foreigner, because the foreigners' numbers are "위국인 등룩번호"s which means foreigner registration number. Many websites do not recognize these numbers and thus will not accept them. If you need to order something and the site does not accept your number, go through a korean friend. You can usually pay with your (korean) credit card even though you are using a friend's number.

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    you in all risk won't have the skill to make one up, yet you may sign in your guy or woman account through scanning and sending on your passport or Alien Registration Card. i did no longer have faith this worked till i attempted it, and it worked! I now very own a Cyworld account. I additionally effectively registered for the JLPT attempt in Seoul, which additionally supposedly required a citizen identity quantity. All i necessary to do replaced into refer to a representative and she or he overrode it in the gadget.

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    It's for varification (that you're really YOU, and not someone else is trying to be a fraud) and to stop multiple accounts. The 주민등록번호 must match your name.

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