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Whats the difference between betrayed and portrayed?

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    There are certainly no similarities between the two words. To be betrayed is to have trusted someone and having that trust broken. For example, "John was a good friend to whom I told a secret. He swore he would never reveal it, and then turned around and told everyone." That's betrayal.

    To be portrayed, is to be presented or regarded as -- in other words,figuratively speaking, painted a picture of. "Betty was portrayed as a good mother and best friend."

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    Betrayed is past tense of betray, which basically means to harm someone or to go against someone. Here's an example: "He betrayed his girlfriend's trust by asking another woman to help him in his time of need."

    Portrayed is past tense of portray, which means kind of to show as one way. An example could be, "She portrayed me as a kind person in the film she produced."

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    Betrayed is the past tense of the word "betray" which means: "To be false or disloyal to" (ex. I give him my heart and he betrayed me)

    Portrayed is the past tense of the word "portray" and it means: To represent (ex. The actor that portrayed Muhammed Ali in the movie Ali was Will Smith)

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    Betrayed: 1 : to lead astray; especially : SEDUCE

    2 : to deliver to an enemy by treachery

    3 : to fail or desert especially in time of need

    Portrayed: 1 : to make a picture of : DEPICT

    2 a : to describe in words b : to play the role of : ENACT

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    from Webster s online:

    a : to reveal unintentionally betray one s true feelings

    b : show, indicate

    His best columns betray … the philosophical bent of his mind. — John Mason Brown

    A less used definition blurs the definitions. To betray in this sense is an unconscious portrayal (betray a secret).

    c : to disclose in violation of confidence betray a secret

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    Lots they aren't even related

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