Another alternative to getting a brazillian wax... is there a hair removal cream or something?

Do u have to go to a spa or something to get everything "down there" taken off. Can nair or any product like that just take off your pubic hair?.. I dont wana go through all the pain just to get some hair removed. There has to be some kind of hair remover... like a cream or something. Help please!

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    im pretty sure nair would take it off eassily but it would take like 20-30mins. I would just use a shaver.

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    The problem is that Nair is very strong (it needs to be to burn the hair off). You are talking about a sensitive area so I would worry about a breakout or irritation. I know Surgi sells brazilian waxing kits that are less painful than others. But if you want to remove hair there it is usually done with a laser or wax. Creams can sting and get into tender areas you don't want to mess with.

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    Very messy and scents soooo undesirable the Veet does I mean. additionally with waxing you do no longer ought to handle it and the guy doing it gets an entire view while you could in basic terms see the precise. Waxing additionally retains the hair from starting to be back a splash longer with the aid of fact it pulls from the basis.

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    A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

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    lazor treatment is great. can be expensive but lasts a lifetime!!!!!!

    hardly any pain at all!

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