what is rong wit him?

well see my boyfriend comes to my house every night he dont have to call me or nothing but he didnt come tonight i called him so many times he didnt answer i imed him he didnt answer i left him comments and messeges on myspace and i text messaged him so many times idk whats rong!! help please

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    He must be blowing you off because it couldn't be possible that something bad happened to him that would prevent him from getting ahold of you. Or wait a minute, that's exactly what could have happened. Why didn't you consider that?

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    Sounds like you are a bit young and possibly insecure. I suggest that in your next relationship you don't allow him to ever come over without calling. (It's a respect thing.) As for this guy, he probably just needs a breather. You're suffocating him. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm being honest because I have done this myself. Only call once. Leave a message. If you think he may be somewhere he can't answer the phone maybe shoot him a simple text message an hour or two later. Leave myspace out of it. Don't worry so much. People have other things going on. If you don't let him have his space he's going to run away faster than you know what's happening!

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    First of all, how long has he been steadily coming by? If these are still the initial stages in your relationship, then maybe it's time for you too be exposed to the next level of who this person really is. Maybe the infatuation is over and he is having a night out with the boys. He did have friends before you sweetie.

    PS: Hope he is alright... he should just call you to say he is ok.

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    you'll have to ask him. but it doesn't help with the trust thing if you are calling every two minutes.

    if he's doing wrong, he'll do it and 50,000 txt msgs won't change it. he will ignore or turn his devices off.

    if he's hurt, obviously he can't answer.

    if he's lost his phone or is not at a computer, can't answer

    if he just needs a break, again, won't answer.

    so calm down, wait 'til you see him and tell him you were worried. ask him to call you if he can't make it so you won't worry so much.

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe he's busy doing something that won't allow him to answer the message's. Or maybe he's working. or has had an accident. Wait until tomorrow to message him again then if he doesn't answer, go find him see what's up with him.

  • 1 decade ago

    You are looking at your relationship in the wrong light. It should not be "Oh why didn't he call me today, or visit?!" It should be "Yay, my boyfriend called me today." The time you start expecting your boyfriend to do something for you such as this, the day you become more and more dissatisfied with your relationship since he isn't doing exactly what you think he should be doing for you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't worry, take it easy, it was just one day! Don't imagine bad things about it. You are thinking everything is over just because he was outside one day, it's nothing! when you see him again, just take a conversation, and you will realise that there was nothing wrong. Perhaps your imagination is giving you a bad time right now, but you have to think ... "who is my boyfriend?... teh guy who my imagination says is doing evil things, or teh guy who i know he loves me and is a good guy?"

    I hope everything work out right!! ;)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its possible, with your very poor spelling, that he did not understand your text messages. Or maybe he just needed a little time to himself. Calling him too often will just make it worse.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just try to relax and give him time to him self. Stop chasing him around that will only make matters worst.Good Luck

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