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What were sylvia brownes predictions for 2007?

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    Sylvia Browne 2007 Predictions on Montel Today

    I (she)posted this on another board, and figured I would post it here. I (I too)personally dont believe in Sylvia

    2007 predictions:

    TomKat will have a baby boy, stay together for 2 more years, and divorce. He will move on to some other chick, Sylvia doesnt like him because she had PPD

    Brad and Angelina wont make it either, they will split. She thinks Angelina is pretty ridiculous for saying she wanted to sit down with Jen, as if any woman would want to talk to the woman who ran off with their husband

    Marc Anthony and J Lo will never have a baby and will break up. J Lo cant have a baby

    apparently, for some reason, physically or else she just doesnt really want one

    Nicole Richie will end up in the hospital for so much self abuse

    Martha Stewarts show will be canceled

    Mel Gibson will just kind of go away

    Tom Hanks will win some Excellence Award

    Liz Taylor is dying, her *life force* is flickering, she is giving up

    Jen Aniston will marry a producer/director type

    Some rapper is going to blow up (that means get popular lol), but I dont remember his name

    8 years and we will have a black president (Sylvia is against female presidents btw, she will get PMS and blow people up @@).

    Polio and Whooping cough are making big comebacks because of crazy people (like me lol) who think vaccines are not good for you and contribute to autism

    Bush will bring the troops home

    More states will approve gay marriage, not just civil unions

    FEMA will be investigated, people will go to jail for stealing $

    Major drug bust in Eastern port in June, then another big one on west coast

    Bomb parts will come in through the ports too, but NO major terrorist attacks here, although she is worried about England and France

    Economy will bounce back, although stock market is a real rollercoaster

    Property is the best investment now, buy now, because its going down but will go back up next year

    New drugs for HIV, AIDS, Hep C that really help patients

    East coast will have one of the mildest winters you have seen (this current winter)

    West Coast will still be cold/rainy like it is now

    Depression will be linked to diet

    Processing is causing a lot of illnesses?

    There will be an amino acid found that will put HIV into remission

    Some glaciers will be breaking up at rapid speed, we are in a "polar tilt" tornados in odd places, texas, arkansas, all over, more volcanos everywhere erupting, hawaii, flooding in the south, earthquakes and tsunamis

    Some crops will fail because of drought at end of the year and you wont even be able to afford corn and other produce

    really hard winter next year

    More spirituality next year, bad press for Evangelicals, they are misusing $, buying lots of things for themselves

    Tsunami in New York, she has been worried about this for years, and its coming

    Cure for insulin dependent diabetes end of next year, major breakthroughs happening

    Democrat in office next time

    Worried about trucks and trains for terrorism worldwide, not planes

    Find missing amino in autism kids that can be reversed

    gas prices will go down in feb

    overall its a comfortable year, less scare tactics about terrorism, its all talk about politics, its not a stellar year, but its not bad.

    Source(s): I didn't even read these
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