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Last one. If you had to choose between...?

I saw this one on someone elses question before...i liked it.

Credit to them.

Not being able to remember any past memories for the rest of your life


Not being able to make new memories.

Okay you guys im siging outtttt.

mucho love.

Oh yea.

I Choose;; Not being able to remember past memories.

I still have to marry and have kids!

Gotta have those memories.

Good nightttttttttttt.

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    Number one it is.

    Being able to have new memories will grant me a real life in the future.

    Feliz Año Nuevo !!

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    That would be really hard for me to answer because, I have an 8 month old daughter, so would I pick not remembering meeting her father and the six years we have been together, the moment we found out we were having her, my pregnancy, her birth, all of her firsts so far and all the other great and bad things that has happened so far. Or not making any memories of her growing up and all the good and bad things to come.

    I guess I would pick not being able to remember any past memories,cause I have a lot more of her life that I want to see. She still has a lot more firsts coming up so I guess I would rather see the big ones, like walking,and all the other great things to come!!!!

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    That's hard, it's not for real so, wow I have great memories of the past but I will have a lot more memories seeing as I am only 13. So I guess make new ones forget the rest, Besides if I couldn't remember the past why would I care??? I wouldn't remember so I wouldn't be sad.

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    I choose " Not being able to remember any past memories for the rest of your life" because, there are some things that are better to be forgotten forever. It would be like having a new chance to live once again, without carrying on your shoulders all you consider negative that doesn´t allow you to be free and to success.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not being able to remember any past memories for the rest of your life

  • 1 decade ago

    Since so much of what we learn in life happens in the first 6 or 12 years, I'd hate to lose all that knowledge base (language, how to do things, where to find things, etc.) If you meant not being able to remember any of THAT stuff, and not just memories of interpersonal experiences and whatnot, then I'd have to say I want to keep my old memories.

    I know enough to get by at this point, and there will be assistive technologies to help me deal with a faltering memory in future.

    And since my dad, former best friend, and the grandmother I grew up with have all passed away, I don't particularly care to lose my memories of them...

  • 1 decade ago

    I answered that one, and I stay with my original statements. I would much rather lose the old memories and be able to make new ones, because it's much less a trip to go, "I don't remember when I was twelve," than to say "I don't remember what happened yesterday." Because you keep waking up thinking you're still way back when, and that's just a bit much to deal with. Besides, if you remember new memories, you can remember you're losing old memories, and it won't be as much of a shock to you.

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    Not be able to remember past memories.

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    oh my god.. what an insanely hard question to answer. I guess I'd choose not remembering past memories. If I totally forgot them I guess it wouldn't hurt but I'd want to be able to make news ones and remember them

  • Hard question...not being able to remember any past memories, I guess..

  • 1 decade ago

    If I really had to choose, I'd choose the second one. I love the memories that I remember now.

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