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Can you leave previous jobs off your resume?

Just wondering. I know it's illegal to falsify things on your resume, but is it legal to exclude certain jobs?

I would imagine that if you personally thought a certain occupation you had wouldn't benefit you in the future, you could decline to mention it on your resume.


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    of course you can leave jobs off your resume, especially if you don't think they would make a good referral. Many people have different resume's for different types of employment.

    You wouldn't put down that you worked for Uncle Larry's Food Catering if you were looking for a mechanic's job would you?

    Just an example but it is NOT against any law to omit a previous job.

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    It depends on several factors: At what point in your career did you have the job and how long were you there.

    For example if you were only at the job for a couple of months, it's ok to omit. My resume only lists jobs by year.

    If you worked a job right out of college that has no bearing on the current position that you are trying to get it's ok.

    You are probably better off leaving it on. Any job you had can still translate into valuable experience for the next one you are trying to get. Even if things went horribly wrong there, then don't use them for a reference and they can't say anything negative to prevent you from getting another job.

    The most important reason for leaving them on is job seeking is not like the old days. Most companies will now do a full background check and will find out every place you ever worked anyway. Good Luck

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    Yes you can leave them off of your resume. You wouldn't want to put down a job where you might get a negative evaluation from. I'm not sure it's honest but it's not illegal.

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    It's ok to exclude certain jobs. For instance, perhaps you worked part-time in a restaurant while in high school. No big deal. But, including some jobs shows you are well-rounded. I don't think it would be of any benefit to list every single job you ever had, keep it short and sweet. HR people have a lot to read, and may get bored.

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    it is not illegal to falsify anything on your resume, far as i know. however if you are caught by employer, probably fired on the spot.

    falsifying information on an employment application is another matter however.

    yes resumes are interpretive, and an employer could understand why you omitted a fast food job, but not why you said you worked for Boeing. It's a tough call, but make an analysis of the situation and roll with it. they dont always keep or compare your resume with your application, and they dont even need that sometimes.

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    It's illegal to say things on a resume like you are a doctor or lawyer, real estate agent, policeman, etc. when you are not. Falsifying like saying you have an MBA when you don't, well I don't know that that's illegal, however once found out that you don't have an MBA when you said you did would make people distrust you and you'd lose your job.

    Say that you are applying for a management position and your last job you temped at MacDonalds, what you do is a different kind of resume. You list your jobs by how long you worked at each, say maybe you worked 3 years at one place 4, at another 5 at another...and then you lump all the miscellaneous jobs in the section called "other jobs" and you don't need a long description for those, just the dates and title, and if you have to you can note beside them "temp", or "job while schooling", etc.

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    no. because now that there are background checks your social security number shows every job that took taxes out on you. if you leave them off your prospective employer will wonder why you didn't want them to know about it.

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    Sure...It is a collection of work that you have done and accomplishements, its not like you have to include bad things in the past.

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