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Have you ever notticed that...?

that they preview live things on T.V. and how would they do that if it's going to be live?

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    things are indeed filmed live, though they have segments from old showings that look like the actual event also they can pre record certain things to show before the actual event takes place and when the event is takin place, it does not, it is recorded and looked over for vulgarities and obscenities and aired second to minutes later

    Source(s): friend of mine works in telecasting
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    Its only like 3 or 4 second slow. So mosy likel they cant even catch it. But live tv doesnt mean like it just means its not recorded. And not all of live tv are viewed before its played, like the news.

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    They can still stage things for preview.

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    ITS A CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!! The gov lies about every thing else y not live tv ya no.

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