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My fiance falls asleep at 8pm on weekends, but can hang out till midnight when his friends are in town?

He wakes up at 5am and usually gets tired by 8pm. I often feel selfish wanting him to spend time with me doing things on the weekend after 7pm because he gets tired at 8pm. But, something is bothering me- he'll stay out until whenever when his friend from out of state is in town. Another thing, when I go out with my friends dancing, I invite him to go but he never wants to and says I should go without him. I am wondering what could be going on here.

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    Quit wasting your time and find someone that can stay up late like grownups do. If he wants to go to bed at 8pm let him and wish him luck on your way out the door. Good luck.

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    My boyfriend pretty much does the exact same things. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I just think it's extremely annoying. I know my boyfriend has become so comfortable with me, but he feels that he has obligations to his friends and he would feel like an a s s if he copped out early. I'm sure that's what's happening with your fiance.

    And, jeez, I know, I feel selfish when he falls asleep and I want to spend time with him , but other than that don't worry about it. I sometimes plan things on the weekend with him. Maybe a later dinner and movie (so he CAN'T fall asleep) and he'll stay out with me for awhile.

    Also, just enjoy the time you have alone with your friends. It's a precious time. Maybe your fiance might be more apt to do things with another couple. It's not a blast for an attached guy to go out dancing.These are some of the strategies that worked for me.

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    Assuming his friends don't live in town, I'd say he just wants some male bonding time. We all need time with our friends. He just makes the exception once in a while. But don't worry, he'll be yours all night after you get married. Just make sure you talk to him about maybe limiting how often he goes out late. Ask him if once a month is enough. That way you can have time with him too. And maybe if he doesn't have to work the next morning, see if he will stay up a little later with you on weekends.

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    first i would like to say that i get up at 5AM every morning. by 3:00 pm i am tired. i can see why your fiance would be worn out by 8PM. if your fiance has the weekends off, then let him sleep in, then you two can go out to dinner or something. if your planning on marring the guy, you both have to give a little.

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    maybe you just bore him. plan in advance when you want him to spend time with you on the weekends and bring up the fact that he stays out until when ever with his friends. have him take a map that day so he won't be so tired.

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