Has any one seen dreamgirls? Do you all think it is overrated?

Don get me wrong Jennifer and the rest of the cast was wonderful. Even though i Felt beyonce was only there for eyecandy, she didn't have many lines.

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    Jennifer is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think this is a good question. Glad you asked. My opinion - it was a great movie. First of all, it is supposed to be loosely based upon the careers of Diana (Diane)Ross and the Supremes: Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard. I was fortunate to have lived in Detroit and was part of the "girl groups" who hung around Motown hoping for an opportunity to be heard. (eventually, my group was!) but in the meantime, we were used as "hand clappers", "do-woppers" and "stand in voices as needed". The original play was a while ago and was just as good as this 'movie performance'. Yes, I believe the "eye' candy was necessary - but there was a chemistry between the girls that I found very personable and intriguing on camera. They had to have had a good relationship without the 'female cattiness" that so often rears its ugly head because the 'love' was very real. Coupled with Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx, and especially Keith (Jennifer's 'brother') along with the other supportive cast - Danny Glover - it was so very real. Now for the sake of "Hollywood" there was a lot that was 'mixed up'. For example - if you watched closely - the part of Eddie Murphy was a cross between (even though he was never signed to Motown) James Brown/Wilson Pickett/Otis Redding/Paul Williams of the Temptations and finally - (during the 70's with the skull cap - Marvin Gaye) I know for a fact that Jamie's part as Mogul was very real. It wasn't that they didn't care -but they understood what this music was about and 'feelings and emotions" had to have a back seat. Beyonce did do an excellent job on her singing - and I am so glad she lost the extra pounds. During the last scene (the original song would have been: "Someday, We'll Be Togther" - when Diana Ross left the group to go solo - you could see how flat her stomach was compared to the other "trim" girls - Beyonce worked that solo song! I knew she had a good voice, but I even more certain that the 'junk' she sings for "radio" is strictly to sell records. She has a fantastic voice and if she changes her style up, she could really be in the same longevity category as Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Chaka Chan, Roberta Flack, Whitney Houston/Natalie Cole - the old school folks who still sell records who have had memorable hits. Did you notice how well they "hid" the drug habit that "Eddie" had? This movie was made for Oscar - however, Jennifer is the one I believe deserves it. In reality, Florence (Jennifer) was never able to come back. Instead, she became an alcoholic and lived in a one-bedroom apartment, slowly drinking herself into death. Her funeral was very, very, very sad/

    P.S. Florence was the one with 'the voice" (Jennifer) however, Barry thought that Diana had the "look" and pushed her forward. This hurt Florence so very much that it was difficult for her to recover and she began to drink heavily after that. She missed rehearsals and dates and was eventually 'thrown out' of the grourp.....hmmmm

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    I've seen Dream Girls, I thought it was good. It was nothing like I expected it to be though. I personally don't think it's overrated. Dat girl Jennifer know she can sing.

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    I thought it was a great movie, worthy of the Oscar buzz.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i saw that movie today and it was sooo good!

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