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Do Latinos think they are better people than white Americans just admit it you do?

so that would make you what,,,,,,,

ETHNOCENTRIC,,,,which is latino for racist

please explain to me why latinos are better than whitey white smith

I always love hearing this crap,,,

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    yes they think they are better then we are. they even think they are better then blacks, Asians, American Indians, Jews, Italians, Irish and so on.

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    1 decade ago

    You're so hypocrite.

    You made 52 question, more than 90% of them were openly against latinos. Not against illegals, but latinos, openly. And you come here and criticize us for beeing ethnocentric against what you call "whites" (can't a latino be white?). Then all those folks came here and said sweet things about latinos:


    uncut and loving it!



    Bill Clinton




    I'm in English Yahoo! Answers for 4 months and I've seen 10 times more anti-latino questions than questions praising latinos. I'm so tired of you.

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    Yes they do think their better, but of course what they think is only an illusion. As for the building houses in 5 hours, Sure they can do that and then after one month it's falling down. Unlike those that are built by Americans that last for years and years. And for the dirty hands don't forget about the rest of you cause it's usually pretty dirty too. Maybe they should learn to take a bath between building those 5 hour houses and getting their hands dirty. If they were all that great they would have no reason to come to America illegally.

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    I THINK THAT WHAT U DO NOT LIKE ARE ILLEGAL LATINO IMMIGRANTS IN THE USA...PERIOD! + when other people online agree with u u enjoy it even more...but then again...that is ur individual point of view and if u voice it tactfully u will get what u want the most...readers to go pro with ur position statement...also, not all that glitters is other words do not always believe what u read or hear or see...nor assume...experience it urself!

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    1 decade ago

    not all latinos think theyre better than white people. i dont. if u think that, then that makes u racist too.

    i always love reading crappy questions like this

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No.What more or less ethnocentric than some white Americans ? Please,let me know.

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    OK I'll admit it . I always wanted to sing and dance like Ricky Ricardo .

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    Health experts say overweight Hispanic youth already have complications of obesity, including impaired glucose tolerance, which can lead to diabetes,cardiovascular risks ,high blood pressure,Dr. Goran also noted that the extent of the risk factors that the researchers identified in Latino children is much worse than they had anticipated.

    "In effect, Hispanics are on a fast track to early diabetes and cardiovascular disease," he explained. The research was funded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

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    Stop putting your foot in your mouth, and please explain white? There is no such thing as white. When you fill out an application for work they don't ask you what color you are, so who is the racist here.

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    No race is better than another!!!!! Maybe if people understood that there would be less hate in the world!!!!

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    None of them are better. We are all Americans period! People that are not US citizens should not be in this country, its the law.

    I'm sick of people that create diversity among race.

    "I always love hearing this crap,,,"

    You have something wrong with your head, and you yourself need to seek some therapy. That's if you love, what you said.

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