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Anyone catch the media bias on NBC tonight w/ the Ford death?

President Ford died and instead of running a story about his accomplishments, they dug up some tapes from an interview in 1992 where he had a little hint of being upset with the staff of the people running the conventions for the RNC. Anyways, NBC's story seemed to be slanted to the idea the Ford hated the republicans and they were trying to show Ford the exit from the GOP. Again, all this was extrapolated from a taped interview in 1992.

Why do you think NBC was so slanted in this story?

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    .Ford pardoned Nixon, that made him part of the conspiracy, as far as I am concerned, he should have gotten the boot then.To his credit he did come around on Iraq, even though he chose to do it on tape and released it only after he died.

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    The funeral is lasting five days. They need the material.

    Moreover, it is humorous that the Ford Funeral, a chance for the Republicans to appear honest, and to gain sympathy, is being upstaged by the rush to give Saddam a necktie party and has lost it's steam. The violence that's sure to follow in Iraq will consume the news.

    So Ford had a tiff with the RNC? Big deal. He got in line with the majority of the country, that's all.

    As to slanted news, Under Reagan it ceased to be "fair and balanced" with Reagan era new FCC rules. The "liberal based media", is a myth. Liberals don't write their paychecks. Corporate Republican America does.

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    I think Ford was a largely un-thought of President until his death. As many an article I read indicated, Ford was generally villified because of his unconditional Pardon of Nixon. Nowadays, many realize that through that pardon, Ford was able to allow the Nation to more quickly heal from the Watergate Scandal. Additionally, Ford helped with the final pullout of Vietnam (Which Nixon began) a credit rarely afforded to Nixon or to Ford (Just as Entering Vietnam never seems to be pinned on Kennedy where it belongs).

    I think the Media is not sure how to handle Ford's death nor how to reflect on his presidency. I agree with you, but don't be too hard on the Media. They are ill-equipped to take a fair look at the history of a President, they are only equipped to capture news bites that fit their points of view.

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    Yes, I think it is a little slanted. It's sad that they could not focus more in his family and the things that he brought to his presidency.

    The media should be ashamed of themselves for slandering a man after his death. Respect his family!!

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    What ever it takes to draw in the viewers will draw in the advertising revenue. The bottom line is $$$$$ With the exception of FOX, it seems all media is pro Democratic.

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    Personally I wasn't surprised, I often find that NBC, CBS and ABC nightly news slants more Democratic than Republican... there have been MULTIPLE occasions where I've yelled at the newscaster because it was so one sided and slanted toward pro-Democrat political views. Makes me sick!!!!

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    Because NBC, like the rest of the mainstream media leans so far left that they toppled over years ago.

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    big corporate news can just come out and say whats on it's mind because of the politics.

    so they pussyfoot around and dig up some bullshitinterview.

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    Many people don't realize...but many news companies are extremely influenced by George Bush...just sayin...

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    Give it a break,you conservatives are way too paranoid....

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