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what things represent a free spirit?

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    I've been called that my whole life, and I'm still not sure

    what people mean by that......

    As for me, I would say that the one thing which represents

    a free spirit is an honesty, or trueness, of the soul. Many

    people are so concerned with the ideas of their piers,

    society, and convention, that they do not have time to

    concern themselves with their own ideas. Thus, they

    fail at being true and honest expressions of themselves,

    but rather an amalgamation of what they think they

    SHOULD be. To say it another way, they're imprisoned

    by insecurity. All adults, including myself, are plagued

    by insecurity to some degree- only animals and very

    young children are true free spirits.

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    I may take things free too literally, but I think a bird could represent a free spirit. Bird can fly and has the ability to go anywhere it would want to go.

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    The Judgment is negative, the Will is positive. Perhaps a perfectly free spirit is that which is free of the Judgment. Of course perfection of spirit in this way is not possible for our duty is our right and our right is our duty, and that which is positive needs protection from that which is negative. We therefore must negate the negators before their process. In an ideal world of peaceful people, there is yet the persistence of contingent conditions, i.e. accident or conditions of non-principled description. Symbols of formalized judgment represent freedom in knowledge, freedom from blind necessity and unreflective judgment. So, The Judgment that judges itself and is free to do that, to choose that, transforms Judgment itself into a form the Will may accept as positive. Children are free of that concern. Children represent free spirit, if spirit is all we are at this moment.

    The Doctrine of the Notion

    Chapter 3 Teleology


    Subjective End - The Means - The Realised End

    'Of contingency in respect of the Will it is especially important to form a proper estimate. The Freedom of the Will is an expression that often means mere free choice, or the will in the form of contingency. Freedom of choice, or the capacity for determining ourselves towards one thing or another, or is undoubtedly a vital element in the will (which is in its very notion free); but instead of being freedom itself, it is it is only in the first instance a freedom in form. The genuinely free will, which includes free choice as suspended, is conscious to itself that its content is intrinsically firm and fast, and knows it at the same time to be thoroughly its own.'

    1. Our ordinary Knowing has before itself only the object which it knows, but does not at first make an object of itself, i.e., of the Knowing. But the whole which is extant in the act of knowing is not the object alone, but also the Ego that knows, and the relation of the Ego and the object to each other, i.e. Consciousness.

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    The answers could be found by defining "a free spirit".

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    you pick for to precise being a unfastened spirit by employing coping a quote that already exists? does no longer a real unfastened spirit think of of her own tattoo strategies without desiring enter from all and sundry else?

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    Not following just because it's the in thing, thinking for yourself, holding your own opinions whether they are popular or not, not being easily swayed or influenced by others.

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    a piece of paper whereupon drawn is a ghost with the word free written upon his friggin gherkin?

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    Not being held back by anything or anyone, I think.

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    birds (as in humingbird, dove etc)

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