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when buying tickets on line, how do you find out about traveling with pets?

i am going to colorado in febuary, and want to take my dog. he is 9 months old and 80lbs. he is up on all of his shots.

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    You will need to contact the airline that you are flying on to find out. Each airline is different on how they handle pets. I know that you can bring small dogs on as a carry-on on many airlines, but I am sure that you can't when the dog is 80lbs (unless it is a service dog).

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    You need to call the airline directly. Some fly animals, some don't. Since he is already 80 lbs, he will need to be in the cargo hold, to big to fly in the cabin. He will need a crate that he can not only turn around in, but when he stands, his head still has head room between him and the top of the carrier.Normally a pet needs to be taken to the airport at least 4 hours before the flight. They can not fly if the temperature outside is to high or to low. This varies with the carrier. I do know Southwest does not transport animals, Delta requires a statement from a doctor about what temperatures your animal can tolerate. You will need a health certificate dated within 10 days of the trip as well as his rabies certificate. Please check with the airline you plan on traveling on and do it ASAP.

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    I always just went around to the different airlines web pages or called and asked about prices for dogs, where the dog will be kept,(certain airlines alow the dog to be on the plane not in the cargo)be sure the airline knows the size of your dog crate. And bring all his shot records to the airport with you. Also make sure he is used to his crate. Being in the crate in a strange place and not knowing where you are is stressfull enough without him even being used to the crate at least. Thats all you can really do. Or you could go to the

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    call the airport and ask them about it

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