Is it possible to ovulate so soon after your period?

We've been trying to conceive. But my body has just been doing some really weird things here lately. (Since we have been trying to get pregnant, UGH!) I was 42 days late last month on my period. I thought I was pregnant. Then on day 42 the witch decided to show up! This was Mon, Dec 18th and it was over in a few days, on the 21st. It really didn't seem like my normal period, heavy for a day and then it lightened up. Started off in a dark red color then turning a brownish red color. But I had the CRAMPS that are normal! We had sex on Fri, the 23rd and then again on the following Wed, the 27th. I noticed a lot of cervical mucus on that Wed and it had the egg white consistancy. Is it possible that I ovulated just 5 days after my last period ended? I have noticed also that my breast are a little tender and sore. This began on the 28th. I don't EVER get breast tenderness or soreness this soon after a period or this long before my next one. I usually experience this a week before my period.

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    Ovulation occurs between 12 to 14 days or 10 to 12 days.You can usually tell because your body temp goes up.If you are desperately trying to conceive then day 9 to 18 are the best times. Hope this helps.

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    you may Ovulate quickly after your era. each and every Cycle Is different if that era became not standard, then there is an threat of being pregnant basically wait until eventually this month's era! with any success You Get you're BFP! toddler dirt your way! <3

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