if you fail a class will it damage youre chances of going to a state or good college?

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    Well a State - or good college could be 2 different things, depending on the State College. Poor grades do impact your chances, but by how much depends on your competition and how many others apply, too. Other things are taken into consideration, however, such as letters of recommendation and other documentation you have to submit. Bottom Line - It is a numbers game!

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    First of all it depends on how important the class is.

    Lets say you are wanting to take a chemistry degree. Well if you fail chemistry in highschool... not so good. But lets say you fail social studies instead, then it doesn't really matter.

    I guess the other issue is that, that failed class will always be on your transcript. So when colleges review it, they may wonder why you failed that class.

    Taking it in night class or over the summer is a great way to correct the problem, and it will pay off in the end. Plus it'll probably be eaiser the second time around.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, but it will not entirely ruin your chances of getting into a particular college. Grades are only part of what goes into how your application is scored. Due consideration is often given to standard test scores, well-written essays, whether a member of your family has attended the same college before you, and whether you or members of your family are past or potential donors to the institution.

    If you're worried because you failed a class, I'm inclined to think you have done well in other classes and that along with one or more of the other factors I named, you will still have a fine chance of getting into a college of your choosing.

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    Depends. If it's a class such as gym, not so much. If it's a core class, like math or English, you might have problems. But if you earn high grades in other classes, don't sweat it too much. I don't know how old you are, but if you're a freshman or sophmore in high school, it isn't as bad. Colleges really look at your junior year, so that's the year you want to put forth the much effort. (Of course, you want to put forth effort ALL the time)

    Also, go for tutoring if you're really stuck!

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    It truthfully depends on what class you fail. If it is a core class, that's bad. But if you retake it, it will show the university that you can do it. If your GPA is high then you should be ok, as long as you keep up those grades. No worries! :)

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    Yes. Yes it will.

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