From PST Files MySQL?

The MS Outlook database to save the mails is very frustrating some times, I want to develop a tool to use SQL as database for Outllok, any one has any Ideas on how to do this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    my initial take is that doing what you've suggested would be difficult at best! but that's what makes things like that fun. :)

    while i'm sure there is some better way to do this, here is my initial idea: first, there's no way to get around the PST file. Outlook will always want to store your email there. however, you could create a secondary interface to the MySQL database...either from the Outlook GUI or from a seperate one.

    in outlook, you could make a macro that exports email (automatically or manually?) and uses the headers as the table entries for the SQL database. that should be the easiet way.

    the harder way would be to have your own GUI that calls Outlook, or connects directly to an Exchange server, lets you read your email, and stores everything directly in MySQL. once the emails are in there, querying them should be easy if you know how to write the calls.

    hope this helps! good luck.

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