Why can't I log in to Draka Realm in World of Warcraft and the Queue Just Grows?

Whenever I try to log into the Draka realm around 4 afternoon it places me in queue. Thing is, I might start out as number 100 and then keep moving down. Why is it that there are people going in in front of me and I keep moving down? Shouldn't I have a place in line?


Someone brought to my attention that I worded my question a bit vaguely so I'll rephrase - by moving down I meant that if I'm a 100 in line I become 300 in line and so on. Thanks for telling me!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You want to move down. Unless by down you mean up. If youre 100th in line, you wont start playinh until youre 1st. You may be able to get a free server transfer if the realm is really full.

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