Do immigrants pay federal taxes?

I'm curious as to what taxes immigrants are required to pay and how many of them actually pay what they're required to.

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    All immigrants (legal and illegal) are required to pay income tax on all US source income. A resident for tax purposes means that they have a certain amount of days in the US. It doesn't have anything to do with having or not having immigration papers. The IRS doesn't recognize illegal immigration.

    This is what I've seen. A legal immigrant receives a social security card at the US Consulate or Embassy that issues him or her an immigrant or non-immgrant work category (temporary) visa. If he applys for a change of status or extension in the US, then he or she must go to the Social Security office and ask for a social security card. If the immigrant is illegal he or she can send in a W-7 form to the IRS. The IRS will issue the immigrant an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). This number is used in the following way:

    Let's say the illegal has used his or her true name at a job, but a made up social security number. When he recieves his W-2 you can scratch out the false number on the W-2 and put your ITIN in its place. This would allow the illegal to get a refund for any extra federal withholding that was paid in under the false number. The Social Security and Medicare paid in under the false number is lost. Last time I checked, the government had about 12 billion dollars in unmatched funds in the SS coffers. Without this money SS would go broke a lot sooner.

    Social Security has records of all the mismatched numbers. They have been told not to pursue all mismatched numbers.

    What people say about illegals not paying taxes is not true. Most pay with made-up SSN. They don't usually use stolen identities. Just made up numbers. That why ICE did the SWIFT raid, because there they were using stolen ID's.

    When an employer pays and illegal in cash, he, and not the illegal is acting illegally. He is supposed to withhold from all employees. I have helped some illegals to apply for an ITIN and pay taxes on money they received in cash. They have to report that as a sole-proprietorship (self run business).

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    I'm an immigrant and I pay taxes. I pay my income taxes and FICA taxes. I pay property taxes. I also pay sales taxes but I don't think that is what your question is aimed at.

    How do I manage to pay all these taxes without blowing my cover, you may ask? Quite simple really. I am a legal immigrant. I applied for a visa to come to the USA, it was granted and I entered legally. I obtained a Green Card and a Social security Number (both legally). Some time next year, if all goes to plan, I will be a US citizen.

    Paying taxes is really very easy. Illegals should try it sometime. They might be pleasantly surprised. Now I know some illegals do actually do it but (a) they are a small minority and (b) many of them use duplicate SSNs.

    There will always be some people who think all immigration should be halted, but I think that the majority of Americans would be more tolerant of illegal immigrants if they paid their way. Recent changes in the law (halting the issue of the ITIN to new illegals seeking a number for employment purposes) means that the only way of paying a fair share of the nation's tax burden is to apply to immigrate legally. all we have to do now is follow up on the enforcement.

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    My boyfriend has lived in this country for over 20 years, he came here legally and had permanent alien status. He paid taxes every year. He became a citizen this year. Not all immigrants are illegal, and they do what the law requires to work and live here. No one could call my boyfriend lazy, he works every day up to 14 hours a day. He manages a cattle ranch, and as he says he is on call 24/7. There has been many a time we have been up at 3 in the morning helping a cow deliver a calf. If every one would not jump on the let's beat up the immigrants, legal or illegal, band wagon, maybe we could acquire some peace right here in our own nation.

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    Illegals cant pay Federal Income Taxes if they have NO Social Security Number nor a Tax payer ID number. They steal Social Security numbers or they get paid in Cash which they do not report. Most never use their real names and have fake IDs and Driver Licenses. How do I know? You can ask any Illegal in High School where they can buy a fake Driver License. There is an underground network to help Illegals obtain false documents.

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    Yes most illegal immigrants have to pay almost all taxes, including income, because they have fake IDs or have stayed long past when their visas expired.

    Legal immigrants have to pay income tax and social security, but I don't think they can take from social security until they are a citizen.

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    Legal ones do, illegal ones using a stolen s.s. card do, but probably withhold at a higher rate and don't earn as much. Federal taxes go towards paying the interest on money borrowed from the Federal reserve (private banks) so I'm sure all those fat cats love illegals, just a little more $ to go round.

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    I want to know how many have my social security number and how many times will I be arrested this week from an illegal alien using my id to claim a lot of dependents. They do get tax refunds. Illegal aliens know how and where the money is it at. Some get 2-4 big tax refunds based on the use of different social security numbers from working different jobs brings in free money

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    Federal and state taxes and Social Security are taken out of their pay at the same rate as any other person, except they can never get any back!

    The only ones who don't, are those who are paid under the table, which is illegal, as is it a crime to hire an illegal!

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    They are required to pay, Medicare and Social security Taxes and State disability in addition to that they have to pay Federal and state Income Tax.

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    Not all immigrants are illegal, some are very much legal in the county so yes they do pay taxes like everyone else.

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