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I have a Sony HandyCam and I want to put videos on the internet ( YOUtube) and it dosen't work. READ ON?

I have used DVD-R and all the rest. Maybe there is a software I can get on the internet if you know ( it must be safe) and if you don't mind rate the software on a 1-5 ratings


It came with a software but I lost it what is the name or even another software.

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    I have one and the software came with it, 3 You should be able to find it on the support section of the sony website or call there technical support and they would probably provide you with a link or maybe even mail you a cd.

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    First off, is it an Analog or a Digital Sony Handycam. If it is a digital (marked by MiniDV, MicroMV or Digital 8 logo on the camera somewhere) then you can use a firewire cable and Windows Movie Maker to import the videos. (If you have a Mac, then Imovie works too) If it is analog, meaning VHSC, Hi8 or 8mm, then the process is a bit more complicated. If you can get back on the camera format I can help you further. I hope that helps!

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