Ouran Question about Haruhi?

Who does Haruhi end up with? Tamaki, Hikaru or any other member of the Host Club. I've been pretty much a TamaHaru fan but I don't mind HikaHaru at all.

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    The story is still going on in terms of the manga, so for now we don't know who Haruhi will end up with. As for the anime it ended with a more romantic side with Haruhi and Tamaki but didn't really leave them together. So, you'll just have to read the manga s it comes untill it ends to see who she ends up with. Though in my personal opinion and having watched and read alot of anime and manga, I'm quite sure Haruhi will probably end up with Tamaki because of the focus on those two having feelings for each other then with the other host club boys. =)

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    The ending of Ouran is not clear enough for me. But looks like she with Tamaki, since Haruhi that "save" him when his going to married ... (i forgot her name)

    The ending leaned HaruhiXTamaki, but it really did not develop any concrete romantic relationship between them. But given how the series had developed the two of them, I hadn’t been expecting anything like that. I guess the HaruhiXTamaki fans would want a kiss or something, but the embrace was probably as close to a HaruhiXTamaki ending as we could get. Tamaki and Haruhi are the implied favored couple, but there’s nothing saying that Kyoya or someone else won’t steal her away.

    This final episode did a lot to make both Éclair and Kyoya’s father seem not so bad. We find out that Éclair came after Tamaki mainly because Tamaki’s mother worked as a housekeeper in the Tonnerre home, and had talked about Tamaki all the time. That doesn’t make some of her actions (like dumping the cell phone into the fish tank) any better, but we do get to learn of her easy-to-sympathize-with motivation at the end. I can’t help but wonder if the ending would have been better if Tamaki had been able to meet his mother again after all. And as for Kyoya’s father, he does admire his son very much, despite how hard-*** he may seem. One of the best and most surprising parts of the ending was the fathers talking about Haruhi becoming someone’s bride, which shows that they have great respect for her, even if they are kind of treating her like an object.

    Overall, this is a good ending to a great show. I like how they came full circle with the ending by having Tamaki explain the Host Club just like he does at the beginning of the series. And having Haruhi and the Host Club members talk about coming to play at the Host Club and how they’ll be waiting (just like they normally say in the next-episode-previews) makes me almost think or wish that there will be more to this series

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    Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholi of Haruhi Suzumiya) or Ouran high School Host Club? which one is your question about?

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    It hasn't ended yet.... but I do think it'll be a TamaHaru pairing in the end (yay!). They are continuing it in the manga..... new twists are in it.... if you want to read, start with vol.9.... the anime version stopped untill vol.8 although they also skipped some chapters when made it into anime format.... I'm actually collecting it right now.... :D

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