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Now that Saddam is being executed...?

Wouldn't that just make the world dislike Americans twice as much? I mean, won't they want to blow us up even more?

This part is semi-off topic of the original question, but what do you think will happen with North Korea? Is it possible for them to make a nuclear weapon powerful enough to kill everyone?

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    No. 1st, it is the Iraqi govt that is executing him, 2nd anyone who has any sympathy for him already hates us.

    We need to stop N Korea's nuke program RIGHT NOW! We should have stopped it years ago. The longer we wait before bombing their nuke sites, the more radiation contamination there will be.

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    As America goes, the people that hate America will use this as a catalyst to make people join in on doing harm. With N. Korea, it will take them a long time to create a missile that will reach us. Now they couldn't possibly reach us, they would have to find some other means of transportation. Yes, they could make one powerful enough, but US/UK might try to stop them first. I would be more worried about Iran, they are more advanced than us when it comes to weapons. They aren't as advanced with nuclear missiles, but they will get there soon. I think they would attack Israel first.

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    Saddam being executed has nothing to do with America. This was decided by the Iraqi government, under a law that Saddam himself passed.

    As for North Korea, anything is possible.

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    I don't think the whole world dislikes Americans nor does the whole world want to blow us up. Just some radical criminally minded people. Americans weren't popular with some people during WWW2, but we did the right thing then and are doing the right thing now even if it is unpopular.

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    no bcuz he has killed so many ppl do u think any1 wants him

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