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catchy movie review ideas?

i need to write a catchy movie review for the novel ps i love you.(its an english project) anyways the book is a love story and all i need a a catchy 2 liner that says the book was really good. any ideas?

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    Welcome to the evaluation worldwide. Whoa, this action picture is ____. (very almost possible). If Neo is the single, then i'm ____. (The Oracle). unfastened your recommendations, and shop your funds. Why oh why did not I take the blue pill? ok, i actually like the action picture, yet comprehend if each and every physique would not. and that i left a pair of blanks above, so which you would be able to fill them in with despite you want.

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    Say this:

    I really enjoyed this book.It was a very romantic novel that I will read again and again.I would recomend this novel to anyone who love a nice romance novel.

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    1 decade ago

    "Whenever you want me there will be a light on for you."

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