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what food should i give to my puppies that are 4 weeks old?

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    A few years ago I was asking the same question when my dog

    the mother of 7 puppies was hit by a car and killed. my vet told

    me to feed them oatmeal and skim milk, this worked out fine.

    the puppies grew up strong and healyhy. i am sure it will work

    for you. let me know, Ashmer

  • Just Give Them Puppy Food Its not Bad! or If U Dont Like The Advice WE Give U Then Go To The Vet And They Will Give U Some Or Tell u What Kind It Needs! But It Can Have Water Anytime!

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    Puppy food moisten it with warm water. I got my dog when she was just four weeks old, and thats what we fed her. It might take awhile for the puppys to get used to it but they will and everything will turn out fine. You could even suplement the puppy food with some puppy formula, or plan pedialite(small amounts diluted in watter) to make sure they dont get dehidrated puppys that young wont drink too much water because they are used to getting all thier nutrients and liquids from mamas milk.

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    They should still be nursing and not be given any other food yet. In a couple of weeks you can add some water to puppy food and leave it available twice a day. Mama Dog should be able to help the little ones learn to eat.

    Source(s): My experience, articles and books on pets.
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    I have a 6 week old puppy and I have her on "mothers milk." It's a milk for puppies to aid in digestion, plus it gives them a "full" feeling. Mix that in with some regular puppy food and they'll be easier to wean of the milk later on.

    Source(s): You can find it at any pet supply place.
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    Mothers milk is best. If they were given to you at 4 weeks they are too young and have yet to eat standard dog food. If mother dog died there is formula for puppies you can get at Petsmart or even walmart. To wean you need to slowly introduce to solid food and keep in mind they will NOT prefer it. Their stool will be far from solid until they are at least 9 weeks old and they may need immense cleaning all the time and sometimes need to have their bellies and intestinal areas massaged to digest properly. Usually the mother does this so if she is not around you may want to talk to a vet and see what else you can find out.

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    pups should be with their mom until 6 or ideally 8 weeks of age.. the mom should be on a quality puppy food herself and that is what the pups should be on now too - mixed with water

    grocery stores and Wal Marts do not sell quality food...

    you can also give pups rice pablum...

    in the future spay the mom dog - they have fewer health risks and are not burdening the dog world with more pups.. every pup born means another must be euthanized becuase your pups are taking homes away from some other pup...

  • Soften puppy food down in either water or puppy formula. The puppies may not do much more than play in it the first few times you put it down for them, but eventually they will get the hang of it!

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    Wait you bred your dog and you don't know this. Plus, you had to come here for the answere. How irresponsible.

    You can begin the weaning process but should not be removed from their mom until 8 weeks. Many sell their pups because they are weaned but they need to stay with their mom to learn things like bite inhibition. Get a good quality puppy food- make sure it has no corn, food dye, or by-products. Get something that starts with an actual meat.

    This is how to start the process

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    I like moistened dry puppy food. Purina one is a good puppy food that is easy to find. They still need to nurse off of mom until they are 6 weeks old (unless she weins them). Or you can go with a "name brand" like science diet if you want. The problem with this is you can only get it at a petstore, or vet clinic. Good luck with your puppies!

    Be sure to get their first set of shots in two weeks.

    Source(s): Ex-Breeder of AKC Rottweilers
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