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help needed NOW!!!! computer question with cd drive!!!!?

ok so i'm on a laptop and you know how on some models (i'm on a thinkpad) you can replce the cd drive thing and maybe pu tin a floppy disk drive ( i think i'm using the right term.... basically the thing where you put the cd in or you can change it with one where you can insert a floppy disk) well anyway, i acidentaly pushed the eject button and now i don't know how to reactivate the cd drive, like i push the button for it to open and it doesn't respond... i'm using windows and i'm on a thinkpad.. PLEASE HELP!!!

i'm VERY inexperienced with computers :/

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    Push the drive back in and reboot the PC

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    if you are talking about ejecting the cd ONLY then look at the cd drive infront , there should be a little hole , find something that will fit and push it , this will cause the cd to eject. Now if you are talking about getting the drive out of the laptop , then under the laptop there should be a slike that says lock , just unlock the slide so you can release the drive , IF its not anything i told you then please write me and let me know ok

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    try going to my computer then click on the cd drive icon. when it comes up, try ejecting the disk. if that doesn't work there should be a small hole in the front of the cd. take a paper clip and push it in. that will open the cd for you.

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    go to your desktop and right click on my computer, go to manage, then go to device manager. Click on device manager and check on the right side and see if any of your devices have either a yellow question mark or some other symbol. If so click and reinstall.

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