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Anybody speak Cantonese?


How to read it? can u put that into pinyin? thanks~~~

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    錢尋糯米叉燒包, you mean. Do you, by any chance know that Cantonese speakers often write traditional Chinese instead of simplified Chinese? There's a difference! Anyway, back to your question, it doesn't make much sense to me when it's put together like this. Did you hear this from one of those huge Chinese restaurants?

    錢= money

    尋= to find

    糯米= glutinous rice, this kind of rice may appear in a kind of delicacy wrapped with lotus flower leaves.

    叉燒包= pork buns

    qian xun nuo mi cha shao bao

  • kenton
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    4 years ago

    Cantonese is only a community dialects in Guangdong Province and almost all the Cantonese can talk Mandarin nicely. it truly is correct. the basically distinction between Mandarin and Cantonese is talking,not writing.

  • Ketra
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    1 decade ago

    something like find money and rice i duno

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