Do solar cells help plants grow faster?

Just wanted to solar cells help plants grow faster (than its normal growth rate)/better?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    no. not unless you converted the energy stored into sunlight (which isn't the same as regular light) then there would be more sunlight, but then the plant would shrivel & die, so no a solar cell does not effect the growth of a plant.

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    4 years ago

    a protracted, unique answer. You asked plenty on your question. First, photograph voltaic cellular performance score is approximately 25% at suited it degrades after years of use to 21%, then approximately 15%, yet by potential of that factor the owner must be conscious the version and wipe the plastic sparkling, and that would desire to repair it back to approximately 20%. photograph voltaic cells ought to final approximately 2 many years. Biodiesel is basically possible in specific areas the place agriculture is regularly occurring, like PA (the place i'm from), yet texas and arizona would be extra beneficial suitable for photograph voltaic & Wind. option capability works suited while we use diverse procedures, because of the fact there are drawbacks to each approach. photograph voltaic needs the sunlight, Wind needs solid winds, biodiesel needs arable land. Conservation is something that individuals can do certainly because of the fact we use approximately 4x the generally happening of the international. So conservation will play a great section in assembly our capability call for. Biodiesel will additionally no longer artwork everywhere because of the fact the marketplace would be privatized which will in basic terms make the vast agri-corporation advance even larger and we are going to nonetheless have people ravenous. instead of starting to be corn for food, it's going to be for gas. once you have an interest look into hydrogen, because of the fact each and every of the capability ingredients which you have suggested are source-factor capability, no longer a cellular source of capability, the place hydrogen may be used to capability our automobiles. desire this facilitates.

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    -----I thought "solar cells" are electronic devices that convert light to direct current (DC) electricity. What would they have to do with plants? ---Jim

  • 1 decade ago

    sunlight helps

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