I've been working for 11 years and I feel tired already.?

It'snot just I don't want to work anymore.I just wanted to have a day off with everything from my kids,husband,my bf,my friends and from thinking what food to eat or even how will my children eat if I will not work. I am tired already it seems its better to die but who will going to take care of my children...Please help me. I'm fed up.

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    Hun, you just described a good old case of depression. See a doctor. There are meds out there that can help you with these feelings. We all feel overwhelmed at times. Women play so many rolls all at once it is very hard to keep it all organized and still have time for ourselves. You also mention that you have a husband AND a BF. That in itself is enough to wear down any woman.

    There is help out there. Seek medical attention and get rid of that depression. There's no need for you to feel the way you do. Life really is worth living.

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    wow peopel ar extra harsh today! i see what ur sayin, what you need is a break, u need to sit down with ur husband and indeed ur boyfreind ( i wont question it, whatever floats your boat) you need to arrange at least a couple of days where you can retreat perhaps go to a spa organise this before hand so ur not worried about the kids or the husband or work or your boyfriend, perhaps you could take a freind but i wouldn't go anywhere for too long because you are a wife mother and girlfriend and you have work commitments and also long vacations can mess with your ability to to keep up with things. remeber organisation is key when it comes to this short break! when you return you have to be ready to start again but at least you will have relived some stress and will be back on top form!

    also im a little worried about the whole "dying" thing it is never better to die you nedd to seriously work to make your family life more enjoyable, sit down and write all the things that are making you feel this way identify the problems and face them head onin a positive manor and also work on longterm solutions rather than quick fixes. if this doesn't work see a professional there is no shame in seeing a shrink they provide a valuable role in todays world!!!

    i finsh by saying take a step back and look at yoru situation you will see what needs to be done and tehre is no point in ignoring these things they just get bigger!!!

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    Mama you need a break. Its all about perspective, all the things that you listed that you want to escape can also bring you joy. If you can't physically get away, you need to try to rearrange the things in your life so its more pleasurable. For example how can you make your life with your kids more enjoyable, how can you make you relationship with your husband more enjoyable. Unfortunately work is something that most able bodied people cant escape, me personally I hate work too, but I see it as a tool to take care of my baby and make sure he is comfortable. If you cant make yourself feel better, you should talk to a professional cause just sitting on these feelings is not gonna help. But just remember you are not alone and not the first mama to be overwhelmed.

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    I understand. Life can get tiring because there are so many responsiblites and demands, especially with kids to care for.

    It would never be better to die though, your family needs you. If you really feel this overwhelmed, you may have a case of depression. There are really great medications that can help you put things back into perspective. You can go to your regular doctor and tell him how you have been feeling and the Dr. will probably recommend a good antidepressant. This is nothing to feel ashamed of. I mean, if you had a head ache or the flu would you feel bad about taking medcation for that? Of course not. So why feel bad about taking medication for something as important as wanting to live and getting back to feeling incharge of our own life?

    Please take my advice. You won't believe how great you can feel!!!

    Good luck

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    Dont feel like the lone ranger kiddo. It isnt easy taking care of everything and everybody. Sometimes we just run out of energy. It sounds like you need a helping hand at home. Your working two jobs. Why isnt your husband helping out a little more at home? Cant he cook or wash a dish? Maybe you do need to get away with some girlfriends for the weekend. If you dont take care of yourself and needs how can you take care of everything else? Have a serious conversation with your husband. He needs to know exactly how your feeling. If you have a boy friend on the side then your marriage needs alot of work. You need to dump your lover and put the energy into your marriage. Sounds like you have alot going on that a boyfriend isnt going to be able to fix for you. Fix your marriage and then things will fall into place.

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    I would suggest that you plan a day for yourself every month and stick to it. Hope you can take a day off from work. Let everyone in you family and your boy friend know that you are having a "silent day" . No phones, no conversations, no work, no shopping, nothing. Just you and you alone, if you wish have a tv or a book or something that helps you relax in one room of your house with its door shut. It really helps.I do it and on that day, I usually drink just water or fruit juices. That way, my digestive system also relaxes. Hope it helps.

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    You could use a break. Do you have YOU time? What makes you happy? What do you do for you? Where's the fun? Are you being treated for depression? Had a check up?

    Sorry to ask you all these questions, but you sound like you've had it. Is hubby helping out with things? Are you just over-done, run down and exaughsted? Did you say boyfriend?

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    Hold up hold up! You have a husband AND a BF? No wonder you're feelin the way you do now. And who gets fed up with their kids...if feel so sorry for your children! I hope they find unconditional love some way or another if they can't get it from their mother.

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    Feeling tired, hopeless, and sad for two weeks is depression. Working and dealing with everyday life feels dreadful and overwhelming. Call the doc right away!

  • Jodi C
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    Call the doc and get on Meds right away. You do not want to end up hurting yourself or others. And if you let it go on, that is what will happen. You are already hurting them emotionally by not taking care of YOURSELF.

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