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Please answer this question?

What P-word is defined in fencing as " a defensive action that blocks an attacking blade to keep it off target"?

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    Parry for radio trivia

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    ( PARRY )Many fencers and referees have heard the term "distance parry" to describe a fencing action. This action is composed of a fencer's defense by retreating out of distance, after the opponent has begun a direct attack, causing the direct attack falls short.

    It is not, in fact a parry. " the parry is a defensive action made with the weapon to prevent a offensive action from arriving." This action is more akin to an evasion. Causing the opponent's point to miss by using carefully timed footwork.

    The concept of an attack failing because it falls short has been around for decades, primarily in saber ,where the end of the attack is specified in the rules. The idea that this could also be the case in foil is somewhat new, but it rapidly becoming a staple tactic at the highest levels. The relevant rule is: "(a) Every attack, that is every initial offensive action, which is correctly executed must be parried or completely avoided..."

    The referee should never use the term "distance parry" nor the term repost in conjunction with this type of action. Rather, the referee should call "attack, No. Counter-attack. Touch."

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