limewire help?

alright, I've downloaded a bunch of songs from Limewire, but I can't figure out how to get them onto my ipod. Call me stupid and then help me! Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    your stupid... anyways after downloading songs open itunes and drag your songs to the library

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    1 decade ago

    Right-click on the downloaded song in your LimeWire window. Go down to "Explore," and click that. It will open up a temporary Share folder for you with all your downloaded songs. Now, highlight the songs, copy/paste them into your MyMusic folder, and delete the ones in your Share folder. It's really convenient this way.... trust me. Don't use Limewire to play your songs; download Winamp for that (best player ever!).

    Now, open iTunes. Go up to File, go down to "Add File to Library," and start adding your files from your MyMusic folder from your desktop (put that folder on the desktop so it's even more convenient for you to reach your songs! This is what I do). Otherwise, you can try the "Add FOLDER to Library" option if you want to do it all at once... but after that, you should use only the "Add File to Library" option for new songs. Afterwards, connect your iPod, and let it automatically update. If your iPod was already connected, then go up to File, go down to "Sync iPod," and this is the MANUAL update option.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You could either:

    Highlight the song on limewire and drag it on to your desktop, then open iTunes drag it from your desktop to a playlist on the left side of the iTunes program


    on iTunes go to file import, find limewire in one of the folders double click it and find the song highlight it and clikc import.

  • stupid

    use ares instead it has a better UI and no spyware.

    hers the way in ares

    download all the songs you want then edit the information if you like using the detials option.

    then simply right click an add to playlist.

    once you finnish makeing a playlist save the playlist file it shouold be a .m3u file , open it windows media player 11 and have it sync with the device and and then send all songs from the playlist to the device.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There should be a setting so Limewire will automaticly import your songs into iTunes.

    Also, I want to say it is illegal to download copyrighted music from places like limewire. You can get big fines for it!

    I'm just going to assume you are talking about PodSafe music. ( even though I doubt it ).

  • 1 decade ago

    stupid, go to your itunes "file" then "add folder to library" browse to the folder where the music is, highlight it click ok, all the music should be imported to your itunes then sync your ipod with your itunes.........

    i was just kiddin about you being stupid

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