Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop with Resolution problem?

I got this laptop with the "Ultra Sharp SXGA with true life" bla bla bla, This is the high end LCD that can come with Dell laptop, the problem is this high resolution makes everything very small for me to read, even with the largest font, and if I reduce the resolution, it turns to be very blurry and fussy, even with lower resolution and blury fonts, it is still not large and clear enough, as I spend hours reading on the laptop.

I wanna know would an external monitor connected to the laptop solve this problem, and can I adjust different resolution for the laptop and the monitor, what monitor to get, I mean what resolution and size?????

Thank U

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    1 decade ago
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    LCD screens usually have a "native resolution". Anything outside this resolution won't be quite as crisp.

    Use the native resolution for your screen, and then modify your environment to match. Icon sizes can be changed and fonts can be made as large as you like. The preset of "Extra Large Fonts" is easily visible when using a resolution of 1600x1200. Click the "Advanced" button to increase any font sizes beyond the preset.

    If you are partially sighted then there are various "accessibility options" that can be used, such as a screen magnifier.

  • T G
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    if you have a standad vga output on the back of your laptop then get a basic monitor CRT or LCD dont matter but if you get LCD get one that supports 800x600 as this setting is real good to read and 1024x768 is what I like when I read.

    if your laptop has a dvi output you can get a simple monitor like above but you need a simple 10 dollar adapter or you can get a dvi ready monitor.

    after your 2nd monitor is plugged in and running you want to go to display properties and make the 2nd monitor 'extend' from your laptop monitor (you would move your mouse pointer off to the right side of the laptop monitor to get the mouse on the 2nd monitor) make the resolution on the 2nd monitor 800x600 or 1024x768 and drag a fairly small window (pdf, word, excel...) to the right onto the 2nd display (the window will get bigger' as it is moved over) and there ya go...I think

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