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I need some info on the Greek towns Nea Potidaia and Amfipolo (modern Amphipholis)?

Could you please tell me everything you know about Nea Potidaia

and Amfipoli (modern Amphipolis) so I can add to some articles on


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    Nea Potidea:

    > Nea Potidea was founded in 1922 by refugees from eastern Thrace on the site of ancient Potidea or Pallini. It is the village entering to Kassandra impressing the driver while he passes the bridge over the canal where the Thermaikos and Toroneos gulfs are combined together.

    The history of Nea Potidea goes back to the early 17th century when it was still a Corinthian colony. The position of this place was very strategic in the ancient years. The today's village was founded in 1922 by the refugees from the East Thrace.

    Nea Potidea is a beautiful place for holidays with many resorts and an important harbor. There are many hotels, rooms and apartments for the visitor's accommodation as well as many restaurants, taverns, super markets, and several shops. In the village live around 900 inhabitants and it is only 33 km south-west of Poligiros.

    It is worth to visit the remains of the castle which the rebellious islanders barricaded themselves inside of in 1821. The church of the Taxiarches, which was founded in

    1591 which is dependent on the Mount Athos and also the Dochiarion Monastery are important sightseeing for the visitors



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    Nea Potidaia it's not a town, I will be more than glad to help you. Contact me.

    Few tips: You can reach Potidea by bus from Halkidiki's bus station in Thessaloniki ( ). The nearest airport is SKG, Thessaloniki's airport.

    Amphipolis is located in Kavala there is an airport there but the majority of the flights comes from Germany during the summer season.

    From Nea Potidea you can buy or participate in Excursion to Amphipolis.

    don't hessitate to contact me.

    oh.. i didn't see that :

    you might find some usefull info there

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