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Why do people from everywhere else think New Jersey is scummy?

New Jersey is real nice... its jst newark and Camden and cities like those that give us a bad rap

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    some flights leading north go to Newark. So many who go through there...that's what they see. I used to live in Jersey and it can be real scummy in parts.

    But you know what? I'd rather have what you said as the stereotype rather than what West Virginia has.

    Jersey's cool.

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    I think it's because of North Jersey and all those refineries and industrial buildings right outside of the city. Not too aesthetically pleasing, and I'm sure the stuff those places are emitting can't be too good for the air quality in North Jersey.

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    Probably for the same reason people think Chicago is full of gangster, and everyone in New York is rude. We see so many movies that stereotype areas, and we believe what we see.

    Of course, Chicago does have it's share of gangsters...but we call them politicians around here.

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    For the same reason that people from everywhere else think Idahoans are hillbillies and potato farmers.

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    Woke up this mornin, got my self a gun.. Mama always said I'd be the chosen one...

    Need I say more?

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    ya mean dirtyjersey?

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