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ok i have a home theater system and need some advice on where i should put the speakers at and how

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    Assuming you have four speakers and a subwoofer. Your subwoofer should go under your Television, two speakers on the sides of your television, between the TV and the wall and the other two speakers in the back corners of the room...assuming you're doing surround sound.

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    The general rules for ideal speaker positioning are as follows:

    Height. Left/Center/Right are all to be at the same height. The ideal height is at about 40% of the room height.

    Lateral placement front Left/center/right. The ideal is to have the center and the video display exactly centered in the room. The left and right should follow odd spacing (i.e. 1/5 the room width out from the side walls, 1/3 the room width out from the side walls, etc.)

    Rear speaker height is normally placed centered at 1/3 the way down the wall.

    Rear speaker lateral placement is determined by their design first. If they are dipoles, they should be placed in line to slightly behind the back of the row of seats on the side walls. If they are monopoles, placement is determined by how wide the room is and how wide the dispersion of the rear channel speakers are. The idea with monopole placement is to position the speakers so they evenly cover all the rear seats with sound. This may not be possible with more than 4 seats in width so a rear center is often employed (or a 7.1 system is used).

    Subwoofer placement is an art as much as a science. Start by putting the sub under the left or right MAIN speaker (center placement is NOT recommended unless you are using an additional dedicated center channel subwoofer). Then move the subwoofer laterally towards the corners until you achieve the smoothest response and best blend with the main speakers.

    Do NOT forget to set the proper delays once speaker placement is set.

    Source(s): Designing Home Theater Systems for 26 Years. http://www.thesoundbroker.com/
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    Air forgot the most important Speaker. The Center Channel.

    Check out the link from Sound and Vision. It should really help.

    5.1 surround sound is usually the norm. 3 speakers in front 2 in the back either behind you or to the sides. and the .1 is the sub.

    Radio shack sound meter will help you calibrate if you don't have a system that does it for you.

    Good luck

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    Depends on the sounds system you have and room shape, etc. The basic 5.1 (5 speakers and 1 sub woofer) system is one under the screen in the front. Then one on each side of the screen and two in the back/side. 6.1 system adds one to the back center and the 7.1 system adds two in the back center. See the reference below for diagrams and details.

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    the soundbroker is correct..if you want better sound get more subs..4 is ideal..even with 2 it will sound alot better than one

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