Question about Microsoft Outlook?

I want to save two personal folders in MS Outlook so I don't lose the emails that I have saved there. I know I can export all my contacts, but what about saving emails in those folders?

I'm going to uninstall Office and then install the latest version, but I don't want to lose those emails.

Any help is much appreciated.

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    If you can export your contacts, you can export your emails. You probably are exporting your contacts as a csv file.

    What you want to do is go to File>Import and Export then choose export to a file. Click next then select Personal File Folder (.pst).

    Click next, then click once on personal file folders and select at the bottom 'include all subfolders'. Hit next and it will ask you were you want to save the files (you should change the directory to my documents because it defaults to an outlook folder that is buried.

    Depending on how many emails you have, it could take a while. I have had this take up to an hour or longer to do. It will save your tasks, calendar, contacts as well.

    Once this is done, and you install your office upgrade, go to File>Import and Export. Choose Import from another program and hit next. Then scroll down to Personal File Folder (.pst) and hit next. Browse to your file to import. Make sure that 'include subfolders is checked. You don't have to change anything else. Click on finish and it will start the import of your files.

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    Open Outlook

    cl Contacts

    cl File

    cl Export

    cl Export to a File

    cl Microsoft Excel

    You will see a window that says “select folder to export from” – Contacts is highlighted

    Next window says “save exported file as” – here, carefully indicate path and filename

    Next windows says “following actions will be performed” and you will see “export “Contact” from folder: Contacts

    cl Finish

    As for saved e-mails - I don't save - read, reply, dump, but you can:

    Create and use folders and subfolders in your e-mail program. You can organize by sender, subject matter, project or any combination that makes sense to you.

    Empty your deleted mail regularly, or set your e-mail program to do this automatically. Know that even a deleted message can be retrieved and live to haunt you for a long, long time: Never send confidential or inappropriate e-mail from work.

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    Just install new office on top of 2003 you will lose nothing

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    File - Save AS - should save to HD

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    This web page has all your answers :

    (Scroll down to: Mail preservation)

    Also, this program "Express Archiver" can back up your emails:

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