How do you make a silencer for a .308 and/or a .22LR???????

I've always wondered how to make a silencer for my 2 rifels.

Does anyone have any idea how to?

I've heard different ways, but never the details.


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    To silence anything you have to shoot subsonic ammunition or else you will still hear the projectile break the sound barrier. Slow a .308 to under 1100 feet per second and it will not carry far and due to such a small amout of powder in the case, it probably will not ignite consistently and thus not be very accurate. The best silent weapon is still a sharp, steel blade.

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    Wow, lots of things wrong in some of the answers here. Silencers are legal in the USA, but controlled by the NFA of 1934. This means that you need an ATF form 4 to buy one, or a form 1 to make one unless you are a SOT/FFL manufacturer. There is no license or permit to own, make, buy, or sell a silencer, just the right form and tax stamp is needed There is also a $200 tax for making/transferring a silencer.

    A nipple works so poorly as to not be worth the effort. A 2-liter bottle will work, but very poorly compared to a properly made silencer. The bottle can also be legal as long as you pay the $200 tax and get the tax stamp.

    Subsonic ammo is not required when using a silencer. The loudest part of a firearm discharging is the muzzle blast, the sonic boom of the bullet moving faster than the speed of sound is much less noisy. However, using subsonic ammo eliminates the sonic boom, and they use much less gunpowder so the silencer is much more effective at reducing the sound given the same volume of silencer. Subsonic ammo can be much less powerful when striking the target and also has a steeper trajectory.

    Small powder loads are also not a problem if you use the right powder. Using something like H110 for light subsonic loads works very well even in large capacity cases. This is how I make my own subsonic ammo for use in my suppressed weapons.

    If you want to make a decent silencer, first read up on the law at the BATFE website. The subguns webpage and silencer tests webpages are good places to start for advice on the law, and designs advice as well. also sells two good books, both written by Al Paulson called Silencer History and Performance.

    A silencer can be as basic as a tube filled with metal mesh, or rubber disks separated by spacers. Better silencers are made with metal baffles separated by spacers, or baffles shaped like an X or a K and hold themselves apart. You will need to learn how to use a lathe, grinder, metal saw, drill and other tools to make a good silencer. I am learning alot about metal working by making my own. Have fun.

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    a 22 you can put a baby nipple over the muzzle and a 308 you can put an empty two liter bottle and tape it to it

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    Its not just the silencer that makes it silent you also need sub sonic ammo, and a 2 liter pop bottle filled with expanding foam insulation...Have fun!

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    You need to start with a license from the BATF. Without the license you are subject to arrest and a substantial prison term.

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    I've seen people tape a plastic soda bottle to the end and shoot through it.

    Simple and seems to work OK

    It's still Illegal, I think.

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    That would be illegal. But if you must get a copy of the anarchists cookbook. The directions are in there.

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    simple answer- ILLEGAL

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