how can a 17 year old american get a job in japan?

how can i get a job in japan because i am only 17 year old. it do not matter what kind of job. if it is not a teaching job then it do not matter to me thank you thank you

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    Sorry, don't want to sound mean, but your chances are less than zero. To get a job in Japan you have to have a work visa. To have a work visa you must have a job waiting for you. Have you even finished high school ? You need at least a BA / BS degree to teach English in Japan. Unemployment is going up there. Many young people are looking for work. You can't even work at a McDonalds unless you can speak, read and write Japanese as well as a Japanese. It's winter time there, and not a good time to be walking the streets. About the only way you can get there would to join the US Navy. And I would'nt suggest doing that myself. Sorry, but it's not as easy a some people seem to think it is. Look at the website below. It tells you about jobs in Japan.

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    Realistically, unless you have a college degree or a skilled profession, you won't be able to legally get work in Japan. Even to teach English, the most common job for foreigners there, you must have a college degree.

    Under Japanese law, on a 90-day tourist visa, you cannot legally work. To get a work visa, you must have a job waiting for you in Japan and it must be a skilled profession (bartending will not qualify you for a visa). The best thing to do is check with a Japanese consulate near you and find out what the requirements would be. This is not to say that you won't be able to fulfill your dream of working in Japan, but you will probably have to wait until you complete college.

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    your 17 - stay in school dude.

    I don't think you know what your getting yourself into.

    To leave your home country and start working in Japan? That's jumping in the deep end for sure.

    The only people your age in Japan are the 3 week exchange students... BUT I do have a friend over there now he is the mascot for some company that stands outside a restaurant door or something. I don't know the details, but its only for a few months.

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    youngster in case you think of the only 3 hundred and sixty 5 days cert or maybe the buddies degree of an American Paramedic is the equivalent of 6 years of school in Japan, you be attentive to genuinely no longer something approximately Japan or maybe preparation interior of u.s.. The EMT-elementary interior of u.s. is a freakin' first help cert which in simple terms approximately all and sundry who volunteers for the time of their spare time for the american pink go gets greater preparation. At sixteen you could no longer be an approved EMT which says alot concerning the universal of the american EMS preparation and certifying gadget. u.s. Paramedic is the main pathetically under knowledgeable wellness care service in the civilized worldwide. Being a citizen of u.s., you will no longer have the skill to word for any public sector job regardless of in case you take up place of residing in Japan. taking on place of residing, having citizenship and being born in Japan are all very diverse as to what jobs you would be qualified for.

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    "A university degree or several years of working experience in the applicable professional field are required to apply for a working visa. Most types of working visas also require you to have a prospective employer as your sponsor" (source :

    Without a degree, English schools will never take you seriously. Think about it: Would you want your child to be taught Japanese by some former cab driver in Tokyo? So unless you want to suffer, receive a rock bottom low wage, and be discriminated against, you need a 4-year college degree to get by in Japan.

    Don't take my word for it! Visit your local Japanese consulate in person, and ask them.

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    forget teaching english except for perhaps at low paying conversation lounges.

    You might get lucky with the modeling and TV extra agencies who are always looking for different types and ages. But you'll need a visa.

  • Voice
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    If you are fluent in Japanese, then you could probably get a job teaching others English.

    Also, if you're not familar with their etiquette, you need to learn about it before you go. There are certain ways to act and behave.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous
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    Entertainment/advertising industry.

    Or, just stick with teaching English.

    Many parents want their children to take English courses - AS WELL AS - home-tutoring (big bucks/yen).

  • well good luk because people in japan are probably ten times smarter so not likly to find a good job for you hey chill its not my fault that people work harder there

  • Anonymous
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    Don't get a job.

    There's lots of street racing in Japan...earn money from that.

    Think Tokyo

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