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Is it wrong?

to like someone who is married even if his marriage is in trouble and they are living separately? Just like, nothing more. For the life of me, I swear I won't be a homewrecker and therefore can't bring myself to get intimate with him although I know he won't mind.

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    I would wait untill the marrage is for real for real over and u see the papers. I made the mistake of takeing a guys word on the marrage being over and got into a fight with his wife 3 months later because they were in fact still together. So my advice to you is just use your head and trust your gut!!!!! If it dont feel right.. dont do it!!!!

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    It's okay to like or be attracted to someone that is married, just as long as you don't act on those feelings in any way, including telling anyone about them. His marriage is between him and his wife, and whatever decisions they make concerning it should be based on the two of them and not be complicated by a third person.

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    It definitely isn't wrong, although I would be worried about getting hurt in you start to date him. Many people coming out of a separation have trouble moving on and often date for fun. They aren't often ready for a more serious relationship...I guess it depends on what you are looking to achieve from it. If you are looking for a relationship, you might want to wait for awhile before pursuing him. Otherwise, it's perfectly ok to like him.

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    I think you're doing the right thing.

    I dated a guy once who was even LEGALLY separated and as soon as his wife found out he was seeing someone she wanted him back, and she got him! i was dropped like a hot potato.

    See, she left him thinking he'd be sorry and come crawling back to her, and I think this happens a lot. When he didn't, she came crawling back to him, which is what HE wanted!

    I think you should wait at least until the divorce is final.

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    it is wrong if he still wants to be with his wife and see you too

    it is not wrong if his marriage is over and he is divorcing her

    of course he won't mind if you are intimate with him

    just make sure he is really out of his marriage or you will be the other woman.

    best of luck to you

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    yeah. his relationship will end eventually and then you can have a healthy relationship with him. If you like him enough, wait him out. If you just want to be a passing fancy, and a homewrecker, as you put it, then do him now.

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    If they are separated, then I guess it is OK. But make sure this is going into divorce before you go any further. Things need to clear before you get serious

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    Men and woman can be JUST friends. But if you feel romantically toward him at all- it's not a good idea to hang out almoe with him. Perhaps better in groups.

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    if they are already seperated than most likely it was over before you ever came into the picture. Just be sure he's not playing you both. You'll be the bad guy in the end you know....

  • They say don't get with a married person. Or else the spouse may come after you and hunt you down! =<)

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