OK. So I downloaded a movie from limewire. When I try to drag and drop into nero for burning it says:?

the format is not supported. Its an avi file..is that why? Should I just download mpgs? Also, how come I can never find my downloads from limewire using the add button and looking in the shared folder?

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    Hi Elisa; I can only help you halfway.

    First off, yes, an avi will not be supported for a *direct* burn to dvd; instead, it would need to be *converted* to mpeg2 and then to .vob files before being burned on a blank dvd with the proper disk structure. Nero (vers. 6 & 7) has an application called "Nero Vision" which does just that...but WinAvi Converter is faster (but has less options..like WinAvi doesn't create a menu).

    Okay, I'll take a crack at the second part of your question: my guess is that the issue might be that you can't access limewire files *while Limewire is running* because then, the files are technically "in use" (being shared in the .. Shared folder), so until the application is closed, they're not "available" or are not displayed as available files. Also, if you are still downloading a file, I don't believe an incomplete file would be available for another application either. But.. if a file *is* completely downloaded and you've shut down Limewire, the files should then become available for use.

  • the shared folder on your computer holds all the files you wish to share with other limewire users! On limewire's main interface select tools>options. once there you will be able to select the folder all your completed limewire files go in, this is the file you should direct Nero at!

    Hope that helps

  • 4 years ago

    verify that your library is chosen (i think of a playlist works too.) spotlight the downloads you want to pull drag all of it a thank you to the record, that's how I do it each and every time and it works. The URL difficulty is unusual certainly, be sure you probably did not flow the information to a diferant folder or something like that, so it may well be like limewire thinks that they are in one place and once you drag it to itunes itunes says "Wait a tic, there is not something there."

  • 1 decade ago

    It would really helped if you set your own download folder and as for nero .. if your trying to burn to normal cd and its a avi file .. its more than likely a divx file .. and for that you would either need a divx certified dvd player or another sutible system for divx files .. also when writing avi/divx to cd make sure you write in iso cd mode .. as for video cd nero willl complain about file types

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe there is an AVI to MPEG converter, try doing a search for one.

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    1 decade ago

    You could try using MediaCoder or something like that to convert it. I'm sure there are other video converters; this was just the first I thought of.

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