Because our foreign policy in Iraq has been so historically immoral, what can we do to fix the problem now?

It was the US and Rumsfeld who supplied and supported Saddam in the 1980's, even when he was using chemical weapons.

The US supported Saddam when he oppressed his own people, and when he attacked Iran.

At the end of the first Gulf War Bush Sr. encouraged the Kurds and Shiites to rise up against Saddam, only to then sit back and watch as they cried out for our help when Saddam crushed all who did so.

Now we have removed Saddam's party from power, exposing them to the violence and retaliation of those they harmed when in power, and we are having their leader Saddam hanged for all Iraq to see.

I believe the United States has now successfully betrayed every major group in Iraq.

Do you suppose there is anyone left in Iraq, or the region, who trusts the United States?

Should we be surprised whe

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    Very good question that I ponder over quite often... we, the USA, invade, overthrow and occupy a country then later find out none of the reasons we did this were justified; moreover, 600k+ Iraqis died due to our actions.

    What do we do to rectify our government's actions?

    The only honorable thing that I know to do is to send in more troops even if that means a draft, help Iraq create 3 states under one government and help them defend those state borders in order to stop their civil war. Keep in mind, we caused the civil war by turning their country upside down into a dog eat dog environment.

    From a financial pt, we should fully fund their re-construction.

    From a moral pt, we should make sure the USA leaders that commanded this immoral action, are persecuted to the full extent of international law.

    Some might not agree with the last pt but we are not back in the Roman barbaric days of occupations and conquering countries just because you can. We are suppose to be a civilized, honorable country; therefore, we must take those actions if we want to remain as such.

    Occupations just because 'you can' are not the way of a civilized advanced society; furthermore, being able to accept punishment for wrong actions that harm others is part of being the 'better' country that we claim to be.

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    Despite your immensely naive premise, you managed to come to half a decent question. Nations have to deal with other nations and if you look at a map, you'll see that four colors are enough to have no two adjacent countries show up the same color. Unless the national policy is to play ostrich, one inevitably works with the less-than-perfect. Adults understand that. Of course, some will never be convinced under any circumstances, but once the various factions realize their valid concerns are not subject to the totalitarian terror of Hussein, and their safety can be guaranteed, the whole thing can easily fall into place. It's much more important they trust each other than it is they trust the US.

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    Liberating a nation suffering under a dictator is immoral? Wow. Your moral compass is broken.

    Here's an analogy: When we supported Stalin against Hitler, it didn't mean we loved Stalin. Learn a little history, dude.

    America's "allies" and America's congress didn't let us topple Saddam in 1992, talk to them.

    Big part of the violence in Iraq now is from lousy Islamofacists who don't want Iraq to be free. Duh.

    Most Iraqis are now free and secure, most of Iraq's regions are free and secure. Try more than one news source, dude.

    Not everything is the world is America's fault, sorry. Don't be a hater.

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    You left out the two most immoral things we have done in Iraq:

    1. We refused to lift sanctions after Iraq destroyed its WMD. We claimed we "didn't believe Saddam", even though every other country wanted to lift sanctions, and there was no evidence of any WMD in Iraq after 1991. Over a million Iraqis died from these sanctions.

    2. We illegally invaded Iraq in 2003. The best estimate is that war has killed 655,000 Iraqis.

    Given those two things - isn't it obvious that what we can do to "fix the problem" is get out of Iraq immediately and never come back?

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    Good Question....very well put! Congradulations!

    What can we do to fix the problem now?

    We can hang Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. right along with Saddam. Personally I think this would shock the entire planet into world peace. Keep asking these are a true Patriot!

    Happy New Year!

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    "Historically immoral"?? If, as I understand it, this means that it is so immoral as to be historically exceptional, then I wonder how much history you know? Even if one disagrees with Bush and his policies, it is ludicrous to suggest that there is any comparison between that and any number of instances from the annals of history. Try placing the issues in perspective.

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    One of these things parrallels the Bay of Pigs fiasco under Kennedy's watch. Who was it that won the Cold War?

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    It shocks me when people talk about the troops leaving Iraq because of the degree of violence there....Wait!!! Who caused all this. Shame on all those with evil intent, short memory and selective hearing/seeing/reading....

    What a pity....!

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    Alll the history of human civilization is lie and dirty killings

    still people always been believing their governments

    what do you want now?nothing have changed

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    So what? Right now we are supporting the Ethiopian government against Muslim extremist,even though the Ethiopian warlords controlling their government are pretty much dirt bags."The enemy of my enemy is my friend." So true.

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