Smelly Shoes Clean Feet?

Why is it that women can smell a shoe oder from what seems a mile away. I could have "somewhat" new shoes and instantly they are labeled stinky. I have had to leave my shoes outside in the cold dark stoop of the steps. Have you ever placed your warm foot in a 30 degree shoe? Wakes you up better than 2 pots of java.

I don't think they are oderly offensive, even used powders, sprays and washing but still stink shoe... Sigh

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I never made you leave your shoes on the steps!

    One would think that the problem is not the smell, but what you may be tracking in the house. Someone could be using the umbrella term "stinky" to mean something stuck to your shoe. Check the bottoms first then put them in a plastic bag before you come in. That way they are stink free & WARM!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are you wearing socks in your warm shoes? Bare feet + shoes = stink.

    Your feet could be reacting to the material on the inside of your shoes. Are they lined with some synthetic material?

    You can check out this website for some suggestions.

    If that fails, you might need to consult a podiatrist (foot doctor).

    Good luck!

  • Iris
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe she has an overly-sensitive sense of smell, or maybe something in your diet is causing your foot odor.

    Put baking soda in your shoes to absorb it and leave it overnight, then shake most of it out before you wear them.

  • 1 decade ago

    My mother could smell my sneakers in the whole house, and I could not smell them. SHe even threw a pair away whcih made me mad. SHe also would hide my sneakers.

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  • 4 years ago

    consistent with danger she has an exceedingly-mushy journey of fragrance, or in line with risk something on your nutrition plan is inflicting your foot scent. placed baking soda on your footwear to take up it and bypass away it in one day, then shake optimum of it out till ultimately now you place on them.

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