What is a good blue collar job for one who has little experience but is willing to learn?

I'm a college grad with a not so great employment history, and after watching shows like Bike Off and American Chopper on the Discovery Channel during weekday mornings while I remain out of work, I am now starting to toy with the idea of doing good ol' manual labor to help pay the bills. I'm not talking about being a floor sweeper, but a job requiring a little more skill and higher pay. One position I am considering is one where you lay tiles. I have a tiny bit of experience doing that.. any other ideas? I would probably start out doing odd jobs and stuff like that. I don't have a vocational degree or certification and definitely am too entrenched in debt to consider going back to school. And no I'm not open to taking out a loan.

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    Wal-Mart is always hiring for People Greeters or cart pushers. Especially at 5115 West Kimberly in Davenport Iowa. You might make management someday if you can stick it out.

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    This is how I understand this - you are a college grad just looking for a job to pay bills until you find a career or a job which you really enjoy. You did not state your major, so I am winging it here. Construction pays well but is tough manual labor. Trying getting an apprentice job either in construction or painting. I would also recommend any kind of restaurant job, either as a busser, dishwasher or waitor if the tips are good. I also recommend that while you are working at a job to pay bills that you you keep trying to find the real job that you are aiming for or start your own business - but not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. For ideas about starting your own business, read the free book "Rocket to Riches". You go the web site http://godisruleroftheuniverse.com/ and click on the money link on the home page index. Then scroll to the bottom of the money page and the free download will be right there.

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    Place an application with your highest paying factory in your area. They will give you an aptitude test, and train you on the job. You will get benefits and paid training plus experience. You need to show up on time every day!!! That is very important. With your college degree, you will definitely be considered to work up the ladder if you show that you can and will do well at the start. Good luck.

    Source(s): My husband did it and retired with a good pension after 32 years in a major mid western factory.
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    Any type of construction work can offer the chance at a good money. You will have to start at the bottom of the totem pole but if you enjoy it and work for a good co. then you can work your way up quickly. I started as a helper for a flooring contractor about 7 years ago. and now have my own flooring business. The most important thing is to do something that you enjoy.

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    start your own business. if it's tilework or landscaping, just take a small deposit to purchase materials, then collect the rest afterwards.

    you can start out by interning for another company until you feel confident in your skills, plus most pay cash.

    but definitely don't let that degree go to waste. if you've had any business or management studies, hopefully you can apply it and as your business grows, you can hire employees and buy necesarry equipment to help you expand. good luck

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    Try the jobs board @ craigslist dot org

    or, visit snag a job dot com

    Or, have you ever thought about teaching English abroad?

    You don't need teaching experience or even a teacher's certificate.

    Most places will hire you if you're a college grad, regardless of what your major is.





    Good luck!

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    try taking the test to be a "stop/slow" sign holder. they make upwards of $25 an hour to start!! and the overtime flows like champagne in paris!!

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    Construction can always be good cause you can get self employed. Stay away from dictator type jobs cause they hang you at the end of your career. Tonight you could say I am at the end of my rope.

    Your comrad Saddamm

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