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Homemade fish cleaning?

Other then Hot water, is there any thing else I can make or use to help disinfect the things that go in and out of my fresh water tank? I often change the decorations and I want to make sure that there clean, is there any thing that I could buy or hopefully make?

I have many fish tanks, a turtle tank, and a few betta tanks. and I just want something I can use that is safe, and will kill more germs ext....

Any help would be nice!



That is what I do now, and your are correct there really is not much I can use. I was just hoping there was something out there that I was missing.

but again thank you for your post!

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    You can really use much, since almost everything has some sort of poisonous chemicals in it. I would still suggest a scrubbing pad ( sponge on one side, rough slab on opposite), scrub them while running under hot water. You can also soak them in hot water, to losen the crap up on them, then scrub.

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    Clorine bleach with no additives is great for cleaning things that are going to go in your fish tank. Make sure the bleach has nothing else added to it before you use it. When you are done cleaning, just rinse it off really well, then soak it in water that is heavily overdosed with dechlorinator and it will remove all of the bleach.

    Just to make sure you know this, bleach is just chlorine anyway, so as long as you soak it in dechlorinator for a while it will not cause you any problems whatsoever.

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    Baking Soda is a safe abrasive to scrub with. Vinegar helps with stains of sorts. And believe it or not plain Oxy-Clean without any additives is safe for cleaning and disinfecting aquarium supplies. Heavy doses of Salt can also disinfect. Everything must be thoroughly rinsed after any of these treatments.

    I hope this can help!

    Source(s): It's listed right on the package of Oxy-Clean that it could be used for aquariums.
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    Just water is the only thing you can use, but I wouldn't be too worried about it because I have a saltwater tank's and freshwater and as long as there is no soap you should be fine. The main thing is to just put the water in slowly so you don't shock the fish.

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    I soak my nets in a saline solution of warm water brined with aquarium salt. I'm given to understand that Pink Solution and B.Brite are also safe, but you must rinse thoroughly with hot water before putting into your tank!

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    I would try boiling water with a little BakingSoda. But make sure you rinse very well. Baking Soda works for cleaning almost anything.

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    You can use salt, then rinse in hot water.

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