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Can you help my cat?

I left my cat for a week while i went on holidays to be fed by neighbours. Seeing as my cat is a male, he got into a few fights. He is limping because one of his paws is a bloody swollen mess and he has cuts on his ears and a nasty wound on his neck. I am taking him to the vet, but

what would you say is the best way to treat these sorts of injuries?

Is there a way to relieve him of the pain?


The vet said that my cat got his paw bitten by another cat.

The vet tore off the scabs and the fur around the scabs, then injected antibiotics.

The vet gave antibiotics to administer to my cat twice a day.

He has spent the rest of his time since coming home sleeping.

He didn't like the vet very much, but he's going to be OK.

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    Why on earth would you leave your cat alone outside while you are away????? It's irresponsible enough to let him out at all, but to do so while you are on holiday is (***can't say due to Yahoo! Answers rule and BYBs who stalk and report me***).

    We can't help your cat. Bring him to the vet and do whatever he says to care for the cat. Then, never allow him outside again.

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    I would get some clippers and shave the fur off around the wounds, then clean them up with some warm water. Triple antiobiotic ointment on the wounds should help as well. As far as pain control, there really isn't anything I can recommend over the counter. That is something a vet will have to take care of. You can't really give a cat any of our pain medications.

    But definitely take him to the vet. He is likely going to need oral antibiotics to prevent infection...these things can easily turn into an abcess and the price of seeing a vet from that point can triple.

    Source(s): Former Vet Tech
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    First, cleanse the wounds with a betadine/water solution. Cats spread nasty diseases and bite woulds are easily infected. He MUST get to the vet to get on a strong antibiotic to relieve his pain and inflammation (and infection, too).

    Male cats who are not neutered tend to fight. If he is neutered and stays inside, he has a better chance of living a happy, healthy life. Fights toms is the #1 way FIV and FeLV is spread. If he isn't vaccinated for this, have him checked in a few weeks and again in 6 months to be sure he didn't contract any disease.

    Good luck with the wound cleaning and get him to the vet ASAP for medication.

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    NO OVER THE COUNTER HUMAN PAIN KILLERS, THESE ARE TOXIC TO FELINES! You need to take him to an ER Vet Hospital. If none are available place him in a bathroom for the night to limit his activity. He has to be treated ASAP! If he will let you attempt to clean the wounds flush with warm water and gently blot dry with a soft cloth. If you can find the wounds and none are worst than a small cut on you apply a small amount of neosporine. Your cat is in pain, cats and dogs have the same neurological make up as humans, he chooses not to complain. If examining the wounds are out of the question put him in a small room and get him to a DVM ASAP. We have MANY owners that opt for pet sitters instead of boarding, you got lucky, many pets die. Next time I would advise using your clinic's boarding facilities.

    Source(s): "Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians" McCurnin & Bassert
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    I second everyone who says your cat needs the vet ASAP. And rule out that neighbor as a provider of pet care - there are not enough symbol keys on my keyboard to convey any notion of the profanity I'd like to use to describe someone who abuses a pet owner's trust in that way. That neighbor has done you and your cat wrong. Next time, get a reliable pet sitter who will come and feed and care for the cat and keep him inside the house while you travel.

    In the meanwhile, no OTC medicines made for humans. They'll hurt rather than help. Keep him warm and quiet and get him to the doctor.

    Source(s): Long experience as a cat owner.
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    Well when a cat gets a cut they intened to get infected very easily which is why it gets so inflamed and are very painfully to them. Becuase he is limping I might take in mind that he could of gotten hit by a car. The best way to releive him of pain is to get him to the vet ASAP so he can get meds to help him with the pain. Other wise just make sure he is comfortable and is eating and drinking

    Best of wishes to you.

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    The vet should give you some medicine for the wounds, but mostly just keep him inside, and sometimes you can use iodine on the wounds if you can find some.

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    He needs to go to the vet as soon as possible.

    It will cost some money but if you don't take him, he could get infected wounds and die.

    The best way to have a healthy cat is to have an indoor cat.

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    You should maybe get wet paper towel not so like wet just a little bit and dab it on the parts where there are like swollen and messes and cuts and wounds and stuff like that.. or wash it but don't use hot water how water might make it worse

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    How dare you even suggest putting a cat in a microwave! I think the vet will give you some sort of pill to stop infectons, relieve pain, ect.

    Just ask the vet. after all, they are the experts.

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