How do you convert an mp3 file to a midi?

I need it to have the same quality and size as a midi. I don't have any special programs. I have the latest version of Microsoft XP.

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    There is a significant difference in how MP3 (and WAV) files record sounds and how MIDI works. The WAV files are representations of the actual audio waveforms (basically). MIDI is more along the lines of sheet music. It defines the notes, durations, etc, along with "voice" information to tell a player if the particular strand of music is from drums or piano or guitar, etc.

    There are programs that work, apparently, but they are not free or cheap. Have a read:

    Here is a website that SELLS software that it claims can do the job:

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    1 decade ago

    There aren't any good ones. An mp3 is a compressed audio file. When you tell your computer to decode it, it produces PCM audio. An MIDI is completely different. It is essentially sheet music for your computer. It simply contains a series of instructions that tells the midi decoder what notes and instruments to play back. That's why those files are so small- it's like instead of buying a table, you buy the instructions to build one yourself.

    This is about the best one there is:

    it requires a lot of tuning and you will have to edit the midi yourself afterwards. Perhaps with Anvil Studio

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